Earth Day Celebration, What We Can Do for the Earth?

March 6, 2023

Since we live on planet Earth, keeping its environment in good condition is what we have to do. Unfortunately, not all humans take action to protect the environment they live. In 1970, the very first Earth Day was held to increase awareness and promote the environmental protection movement. Media publications, especially social media, have helped spread this movement massively among the public.

The Origin of Earth Day

Environmental problems have existed for a long time since humans have exploited natural resources for life. The environmental pollution caused by gas, oil, and other chemicals in various sectors worsened the situation. Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson, has been very concerned about this environmental and pollution problem. His concern grew after the blown out of an oil well drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara, California.

Gaylord Nelson’s idea of environmental protection then spread to young students through teach-ins. His environmental teach-ins in various talks resulted in a front-page article. He then initiated a massive environmental awareness demonstration involving around 20 million students on April 22, 1970. The date was chosen to maximize the number of students involved, as it was between spring break and exam breaks. Today, it is known as Earth Day.

Earth Day Celebration Today

Since Earth Day became a global movement in 1990, more and more people have participated in this movement. Based on Earthday.Org, currently, there are more than 190 countries and 1 billion people involved in environmental preservation activities. The activities to celebrate this day usually hold a week before the main day. So, as people of today’s generation, what can we do for the Earth, the future generation?

Plant a Tree

Plants, especially trees, have an important role in the survival of humans and Earth. They produce the oxygen that all living things breathe. By producing oxygen, they automatically reduce carbon oxides level on Earth. That way, the temperature in areas with plants will be cooler. Plants are also a source of life for many creatures by producing fruits and being a repository of groundwater. Planting a tree in your house or neighborhood will help save the Earth.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The concept of 3R -reduce, reuse, and recycle is something you can do in your everyday life, not only on Earth Day. You can start this activity with small things that you usually do in everyday life. Using a reusable bag for your groceries, avoiding single-use containers, and reducing plastic use are some things you can do. By doing these 3 Rs, you can even help preserve the lives of other beings.

Join Earth Hour Movement

Earth Hour is held on the last Saturday of March every year. Nevertheless, it is a movement you can do other than that day. Although it looks trivial, this movement intends to increase human awareness of environmental problems, especially climate change. This movement shows that everything we do, no matter how small, can bring change and difference. In everyday life, you can turn off lights or electronics not in use to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Educate Yourself

You can start to educate yourself more about this environmental movement on Earth Day for the better practice of environmental protection. Do the research, and pledge to do anything you can to make the Earth a better place. Inviting people to join and practice the movement in daily life will be easier when you have educated yourself well. The more people do it together, the easier and faster the change will occur.

Donate to Organizations or Institutions for Environmental Preservation

Doing things together can make things easier, and it all starts with small steps. A little donation that you give to environmental organizations can help the protection of the Earth. You have participated in efforts to preserve nature indirectly.

Spread The Message

You can spread the spirit of Earth Day by making greeting cards from recycled materials. Making decorations from these materials for events held in your neighborhood can be an option, too. But, in this digital era, the easiest and most effective way to reach more people is to convey this environmental protection message using social media. Use appropriate, attractive and appropriate illustrations to get the best design that can attract a lot of attention.

Being Creative for Earth Day

Your creativity can help to promote the environmental protection movement. You can share a simple greeting or tips to be more active in this movement. Also, you can share some history and knowledge about environmental issues to improve people’s awareness. If you still haven’t decided what design is suitable for celebrating the day, these designs might be your inspiration.

Event Flyer Template Design Ideas

Your Earth Day activities will not have many participants if you don’t inform the public about them. Therefore, you need the right flyer design to invite people to be involved in your activities. You can create a simple flyer. Use planet earth and plant illustration elements to enhance the impression. Green, blue and yellow is great color choices for this flyer design, as you can see in these design inspirations.

Greeting Cards Design Ideas

Simple greetings to spread the movement message and spirit can move someone’s heart, especially if you design the greeting card with an eye-catching element. Simple icons like those cards are perfect to deliver the message. The bright colors used for these greeting cards will cheer up the heart of the recipient of this greeting. You can print it on recycled items or post it on social media.

Simple Icons for Simple Greetings | Designed by Icons Factory

Social Media Template Design Ideas

You can share campaigns, greetings, event invitations, and many more, on social media. It allows you to create many design styles, just like these two design inspirations with slight differences. Both use green as the main color and image element to complement them. However, one has a simple design with a short text, while the other accommodates more text. You can follow the pattern of the template design of one or both, which you think best suits your needs.

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day with The Smallest Thing You Can Do!

Although Earth Day is only celebrated once a year on April 22, you can continue the movement in your daily life. Start with the simplest thing you can do, such as saving energy or water. Share your passion, experience, and campaign through digital platforms to reach more people using inspiring designs.


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