The Key Points in 2023 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know

Similar to the fashion trend, graphic design also evolves from time to time. Sometimes, it becomes the marks of some eras that create remarkable memories. And so does how the graphic design trends go for 2023.

When we look back to a few years ago, we commonly saw minimalist style dominate the trend. However, in 2023 we will see more inclusive styles that bring back retro and many bold designs to the plate. Besides, the designers can also play with the typography to create outstanding works. In addition, some elements will appear to hype this year’s trends as well

2023 Graphic Design Trend

Many experts have predicted the trends that will go viral this year. Yet, we also have sorted the list and highlighted some points that will help you to get the point.

From Bold to Maximalist

The bold concept is not a new thing in graphic design. Last year, this concept has come successfully bringing eye-catchy designs with its uniqueness. As a result, the hype about this style will not stop right there. This year, it will rock you more with its boldness and unique combination of shapes and colors.

You will get more surprises with this style dominating social media, websites, and more in 2023. But, if you want to see rigid geometric shapes, perhaps you need to say goodbye. On the other hand, you will be more familiar with abstract forms.

Abstract Shape Illustration for Bold Design Trend in 2023

Aside, it also plays with some shocking and electric colors entering the new chapter of ‘maximalism’. This is like what a big brand such as Spotify brought to present its brand at the end of 2022. When we look at Spotify’s Instagram or type #SpotifyWrapped on Twitter’s search bar, we will find numerous Spotify playlists with bold maximalist designs.

At first, the design seems a lil bit quirky, yet still stylish at the same time. No complaint, since for years we have been used to seeing clean and simple designs brought by the minimalist concept. Thus, for you who are a big fan of minimalism, perhaps you will take the time to love this design trend. But, once you see the charm of this concept, you will low-key adore this one.

Spotify Design with Abstract Brutalism Style for 2023 Design Trend

Say Hi to Y2K Design Trend in 2023

2023 will also be the comeback of the retro style, especially Y2K. As you can see the character of this design is the use of bright and colorful color tones with a touch of glitter, metallic, and futuristic elements. Other than that, this style also likes to play with many stickers and block-type fonts living up to the mood of the year 2000s.

It becomes even more popular since some K-pop artists, bring this concept to the stage. Previously, Joy from Red Velvet (2021) adopted this concept for her solo album. But the peak hype was when a rookie girl group, New Jeans(2022) used the Y2K style for their promotional concept. The 2000s vibes don’t only appear in their music sounds, but also in their fashion styles, music videos, and photo book designs. Their concept easily dragged you into the 2000s era once you see them at the first glance.

Last year, we also produced some products adopting this kind of style. You can see the Y2K vibes in our product, Colorful Funky Y2K Fashion Promotion Instagram. This template has a colorful and vibrant color palette that reminds you of the 2000’s era. Some abstract and brutalism shapes also appear in this template, creating a unique design style. Moreover, this template also has a bold retro font style that makes this template look even more stylish. You can promote your clothing brand with this funky template.

Colorful Funky Y2K Fashion Promotion Instagram with Shocking Pink Pear Green Salmon Violet and White colors

Futuristic Virtual Reality Design Style for 2023 Trend

Along with a retro and bold concept, a futuristic design style will also accompany your journey in 2023. Some sources claim that the hype of the metaverse world will continue beyond this year. The tech companies are not the single players in this field, but also the fashion buzz also wants to take its role.

Previously, some high-end fashion brands like Nike, Gucci, and Burberry have created their own NFTs to set a new page in that virtual world. No wonder this trend will also hit the notch in this year. Thus, you will be more familiar to see the use of neon colors contrasting with dark or light backgrounds. In addition, the use of abstract, and futuristic elements will dominate the screen creating exceptional graphic designs.

Vivid Minimalism Still Gets the Spot

Even though there are a lot of bold and contrasting design styles that appear this year, there is still a spot for minimal vintage. Thus, for you who can’t deal with bold design, perhaps a vivid minimalism style can be your best gateway. This design style is also known as a colorful minimalist design graphic that plays with wide white space and visual hierarchy. Other than that, you will find numerous minimalist designs with more pop colors like shocking pink, bright yellow, and electric blue. In addition, it brings a playful energy without leaving the main point of minimalism itself.

Xeiro, the White Citron Minimalist Modern Brand Guideline InDesign Presentation with Citron White and Black colors

Let’s Welcome Inclusive Visual in the 2023 Design Trend

There is one interesting coming in this year. The inclusive visual style is ready to rock the 2023 design trend with its diverse cultures and backgrounds. To be honest, it is not a new trend. In the preview years, this style has been mentioned to be the key feature in future thinking designs. It helps audiences from various backgrounds to imagine seeing themselves in one frame, working together without boundaries. Other than that, this style also encourages inclusivity to remove the diverse background gap.

For instance, you can see this design trend on International Women’s day with some women’s illustrations from various backgrounds. Later on, you will be more familiar with designs that use visuals of people with various skin colors coming from various cultures, like one of our works, Ixora. This template promotes diversity through the chosen photos. You can see the use of unique models coming from different cultures and backgrounds in one frame. Along with that, the color palette suits the color skin of the models, making this template look even more fabulous.

Ixora Colorful Bold Retro Fashion Brand InDesign

In Summary

Like any other field, the trends in graphic design also come and go. They can be new, or in reverse, they are just recycling the old ones. No matter what is coming ahead, you have free options to make your masterpieces. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and find the best design style that can remark your statement.

Explore our gallery to find numerous graphic design templates for your inspiration. Other than that, you can find the ones that suit your business. Have a nice day!


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