LinkedIn Banner Canva Template for Your Personal Branding

May 12, 2023

Among the many social media and communication platforms, LinkedIn is one of the largest links in professional networks. It can connect you to various job opportunities and partnerships, and even provide new skills learning. Just like other media on the digital platform, your LinkedIn account must be able to attract the audience’s attention. One of which is by using the LinkedIn banner Canva template. Why has the banner become so important?

Why LinkedIn Banner Matters?

You can use LinkedIn to promote your business, but you also can promote yourself using this social media. When your promotion wants to be successful, you must create an attractive appearance for the audience. This banner has a significant role in promoting your LinkedIn account and success in attracting an audience. More than that, banner design is important for the following reasons.

The First Impression of Your LinkedIn ID

The first impression always matters. That is what the banner does to your LinkedIn ID. It takes most of your profile page so its presence will be the center of attention. When combined with a professional profile photo, this banner can give a look that is not only attractive but also memorable.

Your LinkedIn Banner is Your Digital Business Card

To exchange personal information with business partners, we usually exchange business cards. Along with the changing times that are now more digital, the form of the applicable business card has also changed. Since people will first spend time on your profile and banner section, you have to make sure that your banner can hook them.

It Shows Your Intention

It is hard to know someone’s intention when people can’t meet face to face. Your LinkedIn banner can show your intention to recruiters or employers. Thus, you have to be serious about picking the banner design to show it. It is one of the strategies to promote yourself or your business in a better light.

LinkedIn Banner Solidifies Personal Brand

Since a LinkedIn banner can be adjusted to your need, it is the best place to solidify your personal brand. You can include the logo, brand colors, photos, or other elements that represent you. It also can make you easy to identify.

Makes You Stand Out Among the Others

To stand out among millions of people on LinkedIn will do just by adding a LinkedIn banner, especially when using the right visual elements. When you prefer using photos for banners, you can try to place your candid photo at work, leading a team, or in other activities that highlight your skills.

So, What LinkedIn Banner Canva Template Design Should You Pick?

Picking the right LinkedIn Banner Canva Template design can be never-ending homework. When you don’t know what best design you need, some of these ideas can help you open many possibilities.

Workspace Photo

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional network. It is reasonable to use a banner that shows the office vibe. It can be just an office desk, a work environment, and so on. You can use stock photos available on various copyright-free websites. It doesn’t have to be an actual photo of your office desk. Take a look at this banner. A laptop keyboard and an earphone case are enough to bring an office vibe.

Target Audience Desires

Showing what your audience desires through your banner is one of the ideas that do. Your clients or customers want to be sure that what you have to offer is what they want. Just like this health insurance banner shows you. When someone joins health insurance, they want to get guarantees for health costs and services. Holding hands together can symbolize trust and guarantee your audience’s desire.

Image: Lythcreative Product

Physical Architecture for Credibility

The level of credibility cannot be seen just like that. However, you can use photos of buildings or other architectural features to represent and show your credibility. Of course, you have to pick the relatable architectural building with your profession. This Real Estate LinkedIn Banner is one of the examples which can be your reference.

Image: Canva

Working Progress

Presenting the progress of your work on the LinkedIn banner can be a good choice. Just like workspace photos, you also can use a dummy photo to show the progress to avoid the credential policy. The mind map, workflow, and drafting ideas on paper can be the options. This Modern Business LinkedIn Banner provides the audience with a glimpse of your working process.

Out of Options? Use Solid Colors, Gradients, or Abstract Texture

When you feel like those ideas are out of your taste and do not suit your persona, you can try to use solid colors, gradients, and even abstract textures. Pick the color that really represents your personality. Meanwhile, if your ID is for your business, match it with your brand colors. Abstract Texture is another way to make your banner stand out and at the same time, more artistic.

Look at this Abstract Organic LinkedIn banner Canva template! This template is suitable for various professions and businesses using organic elements that feel warm with earthy color choices. Or you can try to use the Illustrative Banner Template, enough to support your promotion as a chemistry teacher with molecular elements as illustrations. If you prefer a more eye-catching template by its colors, this Minimalist Gradient LinkedIn Banner is for you.

What You Have to Pay Attention While Creating a LinkedIn Banner Canva Template

You must pay attention to some points to get the best LinkedIn banner for your account. There are two different dimensions of banners you can use based on your LinkedIn profile. For your personal profile, it is recommended to use image dimensions of 1584 x 396 px. While for the company profile, it is best to use an image dimension of 1536 x 768 px. LinkedIn itself recommends using a 1.91:1 ratio for custom images with the addition that they are over 200 px wide, so they don’t appear as thumbnails.

Pick Your LinkedIn Banner Canva Template and Get Your Next Project

It is worth investing time and effort to create or pick a banner that truly reflects your personality and professionalism. Therefore, you should not underestimate the presence of the banner on your LinkedIn profile if you want your professional network to grow even better. As for how you get the right banner design, you can design it specifically or use an existing template like the Linked Banner Canva template.

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