Our Experience with a Marketplace of Graphic Design: MasterBundles

October 4, 2022

Getting additional income is interesting to everyone, without exaggeration. A year ago, We thought about adding some more sources of income by selling our presentation templates and Instagram bundles. our friends recommended the MasterBundles marketplace, because they themselves had exhibited their work there for a long time, so we decided to try it too.

And our entire post today will be dedicated to the topic of this platform! First, We will talk a little about MasterBundles, their features, pros & cons, and then our personal experience. We think by the end of the article you will understand why you should stay here and try to sell your items!

Few Words About MasterBundles

As the creators of the marketplace themselves say, self-realization is one of the greatest joys in human life, so they will do everything so that artists and designers can freely sell their work on the platform. MasterBundles takes care of the placement of products and their sale, and the vendor only needs to create, submit their work and receive money from their sale. This is pretty cool because the search for a client is always the most uninteresting and boring moment for me.

It’s also noteworthy that the platform doesn’t focus on just one type of product β€” you can find anything from fonts and icons to presentations, resume templates, and business cards here. The author receives 50% from each sale and the affiliate β€” 15% from each sale. Both being an author and being an affiliate is profitable.

The Most Essential Benefits

After working with MasterBundles for a while, I’ve found some benefits that will be very important to most vendors:

  1. The platform is friendly to designers of any level, both professionals and those who have just set foot on this path can exhibit their work here. And everyone will receive a decent wage.
  2. The process of uploading your items to the marketplace is greatly simplified by the Sell Your Deal form, as it will minimize the chances that the product will not pass moderation, since it even shows the sizes of all the pictures.
  3. Moderation is easy and fast, vendors don’t have to wait long days for their design to be approved. If suddenly there is a problem with moderation, then the manager immediately contacts the user to eliminate all the issues. 
  4. If the vendor has any questions on any topic, you can always contact the manager, who will help you in the near future.
  5. Management of earned funds is convenient, too. When the minimum amount for withdrawal is reached, customers can quickly receive money.

Oh, and by the way, the portal itself is interested in promoting our products, so there is a little help for vendors. The blog very often publishes guide articles on how to improve the sales of your items, which is quite relevant. In addition, the marketplace often sends newsletters to customers, putting cool bundles there.

Separately, it’s worth praising the division into roles of all users of the marketplace. At the moment, there are vendors, buyers, and affiliates, but you can freely combine all roles. And if you have a large audience on social networks, then you should definitely pay attention to affiliates β€” `cause now I get excellent passive income from the referral program.

The Marketplace`s Cons

Of course, there are no literally perfect marketplaces β€” even in the best portal, you will find a couple of nuances that you might not like. Speaking of me, we found such shortcomings as a withdrawal limit (at least $50 on the account which can be not so convenient for newbies) and mandatory moderation. Also, some vendors do not like that the marketplace prefers bundles because they obviously have to create more products then.

About our Experience

In fact, we did not think long about starting our work on MasterBundles, because our friends have been here for some time, and we liked the platform itself at first sight. During the first experience of cooperation, we exhibited about 15 of our works and in the first month, we received a nice amount for that. Of course, not mountains of gold, but impressive for a case where we just create products, and the sale and search for a client is automated.

And we are just crazy about the Sell Your Deal form because such a feature is much more convenient than manual placement on other similar platforms. All works are loaded quickly and are checked by moderators rapidly, too. By the way, you can see our items and choose something you like in the vendor`s profile. Here are some of the coolest ones:

Bundle Minimalist Beauty Instagram

In this minimalistic bundle, you can find more than 250 marvelous templates β€” their design is quite unique, so they will be relevant for enterprises, agencies, entrepreneurs, creatives, companies, and corporations in various fields. All elements are easy to customize using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Bundle Business Corporate Instagram

This is the β„–1 choice if you run an Instagram business profile and want your audience to enjoy only the most stylish and engaging content.

Are you fond of the carousel format? It’s great! In this bundle, a customer can find 200+ cool templates of different color themes that will suit a designer, photographer, content author, profile that promotes cosmetic products or presents some women’s posts, and much more. In addition, after the purchase, the customer receives a lifetime free update β€” you can access new items at any time!


In general, to sum up our impressions of cooperation with MasterBundles, we will say that additional income has never been so easy! It may be that vendors here will not be able to fully cover all their material desires, but they can receive an additional 500-1000 dollars amount for a relatively short period just by presenting their works here. It’s a nice bonus, isn’t it? 


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