Creating PowerPoint Presentation Design for Automotive Industry

Like any other business, people involved in the automotive industry will occasionally make a presentation for various needs. However, a presentation design for the automotive industry cannot be generalized like other presentations. There are some elements that only this industry has while others do not.

The scope of the automotive industry business is quite broad. Even though it is in the same industry, the automotive business is different from one type of business to another. Before you pick or create your own presentation design, you at least have to know what business you are managing or working on.

Automotive Industry Business Scope

Having a better understanding of what business you are involved in is the first step in making a presentation. A false comprehension will lead you into making a false presentation. As an employee, you wouldn’t want to make that silly mistake, right? Recently, these are the businesses in the automotive industry business that most people are interested in.

  • Automobile Manufacturer. Simply put, it produces automobiles. The size can vary from small to large businesses with production facilities located in numerous countries. The process itself involves designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling the products and spare parts.
  • Automobile Trading. Unlike manufacturers, the trader is only involved in selling and buying automobiles. It also includes marketing the products. Sometimes, it provides service for general inspection and repair.
  • Automobile Spare Part and Accessories. Just like the trader, spare parts and accessories sellers are usually only involved in selling those parts. This kind of shop is usually swarmed with people who would like to upgrade or modify their vehicles.
  • Automobile Repair Shop. This business focus on repairing, from general inspection to major repair. The shop also usually provides all the equipment and needs for vehicle maintenance, such as oil lube, tube, and battery.
  • Automobile Rent (Car Rent). Quite different from other automotive businesses, automobile rent or car rent focus on providing rental service. The rental owner will provide various car choices to use by customers with terms and conditions applied.

What Presentation Design is Suitable for Which Automotive Business

Knowing what the business involves will make it easier to determine the presentation design for the automotive industry you work. While that explanation can give you a layout, this one will provide a more precise illustration of how you have to make your own.

Automobile Manufacturing, Trading, and Spare Parts & Accessories Presentation Design Inspiration

If we refer to the form of this business, the automobile manufacturer is most likely similar to other business companies. When you work in this company, you will at least make individual, team, report, performance, and result presentations. The general design will suffice the needs. You will face challenges when you must create a project, business proposal, or marketing presentation.

For the project and business proposal, Fastrios Automotive PPTX Template from Premast and Autobliz Automotive PPTX Template from PuriCreative can be your reference. Fastrios can show your audience the process of the project is doing. It also provides the price list package the client can take. Meanwhile, Autobliz has a more lively vibe than can send positive energy to your audience without overriding the key points that must be included in the presentation.

Left: Fastrios by Premast | Right: AutoBliz by PuriCreative

However, the design will be quite different for the marketing presentation. A catalog-like template offered by Putra Khan in Catarino Automotive Sport PowerPoint is the best for it. It provides slides that focus on the products. The chart/graphic slide in this presentation template completes the design. It also can be used by the dealer or spare parts and accessories owner by adjusting the content and image.

Left: Catarino by Putra Khan | Right: SpeedStar by OrcShape

You also can consider applying the design from the SpeedStar, Car/Automobile Presentation PowerPoint Template, by OrcShape. It has a clean yet detailed design that perfect to strip down all the parts of the vehicle you offer to the clients or customers. The firm and bold red and black make this template look more attractive and can leave a deeper impression. Whether in the manufacturing or trading business, this template design will be suitable for both.

Automotive Repair Shop Presentation Design Inspiration

Unlike the previous presentation, the PowerPoint design for an automotive repair shop is quite simple. The focus of your presentation is your services. So, you have to design your presentation to highlight them and the benefits your customers and clients will get when they come to your shop and use your service.

One of the PowerPoint template design inspirations you can follow is from Formatika Studio, the Car Repair PowerPoint Template. It can provide a brief explanation about your repair shop, services, client testimonials, the mechanics, and the gallery of the shop. Its clean design with eye-catching fuchsia highlight makes it perfect to have the audience’s attention.

Left: Template by Formatika Studio | Right: ATMV by SC85

You also can consider following the ATMV PowerPoint Template design by SC85 to promote your shop service. This template is designed as a simple portfolio presentation to show more advantages your customers will get. It has a bold design with a modern touch that is perfect to represent your modern repair shop.

Fix Car by Art StoreID

A complete package offered by Art StoreID with the Fix Car, Car Repair Presentation design. In this template design, you will find more than just a brief explanation. It provides slides to explore and discuss your SWOT aspects and analysis. Hence, this kind of template design is perfect to apply to your business plan or business offer to develop your shop into a bigger business.

Presentation Design Inspiration for Automotive Rent (Car Rent)

Automotive rent or car rent is indeed part of the automotive business industry. At the same time, it is also part of the tourism business industry. So, this service includes in the tour and travel presentations. But, if you need a separate presentation to promote your own car rental service or agency, you will need a specific design to meet your needs.

To make a deal with customers, you have to introduce the car models you have, the terms and conditions applied. Look at this Cars Rental and Sell PowerPoint Template offered by Giant Design. This template is perfect for introducing your service and also the various cars you have. A clean layout makes it enjoyable and easy to understand. You can use this design for your business proposal, too.

Left: Template by Giant Design | Right: Template by Jumsoft

While introducing the terms and conditions of your car rental store, you can try to design your automotive industry presentation like this Car Rental PowerPoint Theme from Jumsoft. Bullet points in every slide are the best layout to accommodate them. Even you can modify this template to your preference by reshaping, recoloring, or removing the elements you don’t need.

Get Ready to Create Your Own Presentation Design for Automotive Industry

The inspirations above may be cannot cover all your needs. However, it can give you a big picture about what will be the most suitable for your own design. There is no perfect presentation design for the automotive industry because it will always change based on your needs. Make those design inspirations to be your base and recreate them into something more suitable.

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