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March 17, 2023

Among the four seasons, which season are you most looking forward to other than summer? Although the weather is hot, many things can inspire you to do more. This season can even be a great inspiration to create social media feeds, for personal or professional needs. Creating a summer Instagram theme will be easy when you have gathered all the inspiration you can get.

Why Use Summer Instagram Theme?

Although some businesses use an Instagram account only to show existence, many use it to engage and connect with the audience. Adjusting your Instagram theme to the target audience is one of the things that can increase the level of engagement. More than that, here are the reasons why you should make your Instagram a summer feel.

Instagram Said, “Instagrammers Love Summer”

When summer comes, Instagram users are more active than average activities in other seasons. Based on Instagram data, people who usually access Instagram six days a week access it seven days a week (total in a month of 28 vs. 22 days). They mostly look for summer inspiration, from activities, color combinations, or palettes, to summer destinations. Your summer Instagram theme posts and stories will be more effective when you include hashtags related to summer itself.

Good for Business

People involved in the business are always looking for opportunities that can make their businesses grow. And, summer offers many opportunities they love so much. People will gladly spend so much for their summer needs. Be it summer suits, drinks, tour packages, summer activities, and a bunch of other things. That’s the hint for business owners to launch and promote summer seasonal products and services.

Change of Game Plan

Even though most people like summer, it doesn’t mean everyone dares to apply the concept of a summer Instagram theme. However, using this concept on your Instagram can be a first step towards implementing a brighter and bolder color concept which can be a game changer. Remember that the Instagram audience likes things that are aesthetic and beautifully structured. So, having a summer theme can help with branding and increasing public awareness.

How to Have That Summer Instagram Theme?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in creating an aesthetic Instagram feed, there’s nothing wrong to learn new tricks. It can help you to make and get a better look and flow. Try these tricks to get the Instagram look with the summer vibe.

Be Brave in Using Colors

Talking about summer means talking about vibrant, bold, and bright colors. Red, pink, blue, green, purple, you name it. Most of them are inspired by the ocean, sunshine, also summer bloom. So, what color inspirations are safe to get a summer vibe?

Yellow – Bright Like the Sun or Fresh Like a Lemon

One of the brightest colors you will find during summer is yellow. Thus, in creating your summer Instagram theme, you can include this color. No need to use too many yellow elements because just a little bit can brighten up the look of your post.

White – Basic is Good to Look Pure and Bright

Adding white to your Instagram posts can brighten, but at the same time neutralize, especially when combined with other bright colors. White background, white border, or other white elements on the image, whichever it is can do.

Orange – Refreshing Like a Mandarin and Hot Like a Sunset

Orange is quite strong and so vibrant that can make your Instagram post looks refreshing. Imagine a combination of fruits, especially tropical fruits, and you can get a very eye-catching summer Instagram theme look.

Bold Pink & Red – It’s What You Need to Be Bold

Use pink or red when you want a more feminine yet still get the summer vibe. You can combine it with white, yellow, or other colors of nature to get a more natural look.

Blue – For a Clear Sky, Vast Ocean, and Serenity

Having blue as one of the summer colors in your Instagram posts can spare your audiences from all the bright and bold colors. It also can invite people to do more outdoor activities. When you want your followers more relax but, at the same time, invite them to do more activities, this color is what you need.

Ochre – The Earthy and Warm Summer Sensation

To tone down those bright colors, ochre is the right earthy color for the summer Instagram theme. Bring this color to your posts through tree trunks, beach sand, or the outfit you wear. It is perfect for anyone who prefers a calmer look.

Try to Apply Filters

Filters are always the available shortcut you can use to create aesthetic Instagram feeds. However, this shortcut may not completely achieve the effect you want if the photo base does not have a summer color combination. By using filters, you can create various summer themes, like the colorful theme, bright summer theme, natural theme, oceanic theme, and, of course, warm theme.

Use the Suitable Illustrations

Photos or images are not the only elements you can use to celebrate and liven up summer. You can create a more suitable design, especially when you need it for business. Add some illustrations to bring that summer to your Instagram post designs. Fortunately, today you can easily find various summer illustrations for every Instagram design you need. Do not be afraid to decrease your summer Instagram theme value just because using a self-made template with the illustration. When you find and use the right illustration set, you can nail that aesthetic value.

Get the Ready-to-Use Templates

After a shortcut, there is another short shortcut to get the summer Instagram you really want. What better deal can you get than getting ready-to-use templates? When you have a template, you don’t have to make a design from scratch. Just adjust a few parts, and you’ve got what you need. It is very helpful in branding and marketing the business quickly compared to arranging, editing, or creating the desired Instagram look yourself.

Since Instagram users are now not limited only to private users who share their daily activities, we can easily find various Instagram templates with different styles and themes, including summer themes. You will never run out of ready-to-use templates because the designers don’t stop making all kinds of templates needed by social media users, especially Instagram.

Ready to Start Your Summer Instagram Theme?

It won’t hurt to have the summer Instagram theme on your business account. Besides providing a fresh new look, this theme can have a good impact on the search rate and also the existence of your business. But always remember to adjust it to your business brand image so that it doesn’t overlap or even cover up your business identity.


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