Peterdraw Throwback – 2022 Best Design for All Your Needs

March 10, 2023

Start a new year with a new one. Even so, some things from last year should be kept as proof of the achievements we have gone through over the past year. So does Peterdraw Studio. In the last year, we have produced many designs with various themes and styles. Of all the works our designers have made, this is a selection of 2022 best designs from Peterdraw’s team.

2022 Best Graphic Design Products

With the increasing number of digital platforms, more people need ready-to-use template designs. All of that is for the sake of getting an attractive appearance to gain more audience, both for business, personal, academic, and even government needs. The following designs can meet your expectations in realizing an attractive appearance and functioning properly as intended.

Serena, A Creative Presentation Design for Event Proposal

A sponsorship and partnership program is one of the parts that can make an event successfully held. Thus, as an event organizer, you have to make a convincing and understandable presentation. Serena is the perfect presentation design that can accommodate all you need in presenting your event background and the benefits you offer to your prospective partner and sponsor.

Serena – Eggshell Bold Creative Business Event Proposal Presentation with Eggshell Grey and Silver colors

Even though it carries a minimalist theme, this template presents a bold and creative appearance. Its boldness is shown by the super large typography on the header and is very striking compared to other text. That is one of Serena’s strong points that makes it the 2022 best design compared to others when they still stick to the rule.

Blitz, A Minimalist Presentation for Business Proposal

Blitz, the Natural Tone Editorial Brand Proposal Presentation with Brown Choco Milk White Light Gray and Black colors

Sealing the deal with other company need so much work and effort. One of the most basic efforts to take is creating a proper business proposal. Blitz, the Natural Tone Editorial Brand Proposal Presentation Template, is created to help you make it happen. The concept of simplicity in this template is what will help you present an easy-to-understand presentation. Even so, it has a classy feel that can represent a brand well, especially one with a natural and earthy tone business concept.

Cleo, A 2022 Best Design with Modern Look for Business Presentation

CLEO – Yellow Pine Clean Modern Pitch Deck Presentation with Brown Beige Broken White and Black colors

The right template is not only about helping you create a good-looking and understandable presentation. It can help boost your confidence in presenting the material itself. Cleo, a modern pitch deck presentation template, is here to make it happen. Its bright color combination will grab your audience’s attention once you present it. What makes this template one of 2022 best designs on Peterdraw is its clean and neat layout.

Soft Green Illustrative Indonesian Traditional Street Food Promotion Instagram for Your Food Business Success

The food business is always promising when you can manage it well and right. Promotion is one of the keys to gaining that promising success. This Soft Green Illustrative Indonesian Traditional Street Food Promotion Instagram can be your choice to promote your product, especially when you sell Indonesian street food.

Soft Green Illustrative Indonesian Traditional Street Food Promotion Instagram with Brown Tan Nude Sage and White colors

Even though this template uses a soft color combination, its illustrative style can attract many consumers. The green color that dominates the food illustrations represents the color of traditional street food in Indonesia, which use pandan and suji as natural coloring agents. Who wouldn’t be interested in the illustrative look of a 2022 best design of food promotional template, would you?

Scarlett, A Minimalist Design to Promote Yourself Value to Get Hired

Scarlett – Emerald White Minimalist Personal Portfolio Presentation with Ivory Sand Dark Emerald and Black colors

Branding is not about business and products. When the item you sell is your value, you will need a proper design to deliver all your benefits that can give advantages to your employer. Scarlett, with its minimalist yet bold and modern look, creates a professional vibe that can convince recruiters to hire you. It provides you with every slide you need, from your educational background, work experiences, awards/achievements, hobby & interest, and contact info.

White Smoke Modern Business Podcast Instagram Template to Get More Audience

White Smoke Modern Business Podcast Instagram Template with White Smoke White Blue and Black colors

Podcast broadcasts have become a way for people to share stories and knowledge. Even practitioners and educators in the business sector are following this trend. You can maximize the audience of your business podcast using this White Smoke Modern Business Podcast Instagram Template. Its neat, professional look makes it one of 2022 best designs. The design itself is very much in line with the business world image. Even so, the elements and the color choices make this template look fresh to attract attention.

Pink & Navy Illustrative Women’s Day to Celebrate the International Day

Celebration holidays or other eventual days can show tolerance, togetherness, and mutual support, like you can do on Women’s Day. This Pink & Navy Illustrative Women’s Day Instagram Template is specially created to fulfill that purpose. This template uses color combinations that tend to be feminine according to the theme carried. Likewise, it also uses more feminine illustration elements, like flowers, leaves, and female figures. A perfect choice to welcome and celebrate Women’s Day.

International Women's Day

2022 Best Illustration Design Products

Some designs can stand as it is just by using text. But, more designs look more attractive and convincing, especially if it has a certain theme, by adding illustration elements. When you need particular illustrations for your designs, you might consider our best illustration designs.

Fun Learning Alphabet Illustration Set

A set of the alphabet can create many words. However, you can use this set of the alphabet for other purposes, like for illustration elements for your design. This Fun Learning Alphabet Illustration Set is what you need as your illustration. Every letter in this set has a unique shape and pattern, suitable for a fun, cheerful, and playful design. That is why it is also perfect to use as learning media to introduce the alphabet to kids.

Fun Learning Alphabet Illustration Set with Yellow Cyan Red Salmon and White colors

Organic Zero Waste Illustration Set

As a human living on the Earth, we have to support every movement that tries to save and preserve the planet. This Organic Zero Waste Illustration Set represents our concern for the environment. More than that, as one of 2022 best designs, this hand-drawn illustration has a neat design and great color combination that is perfect for the zero-waste living theme.

Organic Zero Waste Living Illustration Set with Green Yellow Salmon Black and Creamy White colors

Great Universe Outer Space Illustration Set

Outer space life is a mystery that always attracts so much attention. To show the charm of outer space, you can use this Great Universe Outer Space Illustration Set on your design. It consists of every most common space-related item that is perfect for various needs. The dark blue as the night sky and silver gray like the space dust is the perfect color combination to represent the vibe of the theme.

Great Universe Outer Space Illustration Set with Dark Blue Light Blue Yellow White and Smoky White colors

Tasty Asian Street Food Illustration Set

Creating an appealing food-related design will be easier when you have the right image to picture the dish or food you intend to show. The Tasty Asian Street Food Illustration Set is one of many food illustrations with a good appeal that can tempt anyone who sees it. Food shapes that resemble the original, tempting color combinations, also detailed designs on each food add more value to this illustration set.

Tasty Asian Street Food Illustration Set with Brown Red Salmon Pale Yellow and Nude colors

Reddish Supple Hand Drawn Indonesian Illustration Set

One of the most prideful illustrations set of 2022 best design is the Reddish Supple Hand-Drawn Indonesian Illustration Set. This illustration set has great detail, especially on the national symbol, the Garuda, and the shadow puppet (wayang). The color combination of red and white strongly represents the dominant color of the country’s flag which has a deep meaning.

Redish Supple Hand Drawn Indonesian Illustration Set with Red Wine Bone Black and White colors

From Our 2022 Best Design, There are More to Come

It is a satisfaction to produce good and useful designs. It’s even more fun when every design we create can inspire people to create designs that are no less good. While still paying attention to quality, current design trends, and the needs of users of graphic design products, the 2022 best design works are the basis for creating even better works and continuing to inspire.

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