Refund Policy

Can I apply for a refund?

Welcome to the Peterdraw; thank you for visiting our website and purchasing our products! We want to inform you regarding the policy refund that we will apply, explained below.

We provide digital templates on this website that make those templates cannot be “returned” right after downloading process. Hence we expect entirely you understand this notice before. However, we are fully aware that sometimes we might make some mistakes in the uploading process in providing visual design products. As a result, we would grant your refund application if only you meet these situations below:

  1. The downloaded item doesn’t function/meet the item description.
  2. The item that hasn’t been downloaded in 3 months. If you have bought an item, but you haven’t downloaded it within three months since you purchased it.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of reasons that cannot grant your refund application as mentioned below:

  1. The item downloaded is not the item that you want.
  2. The item downloaded doesn’t meet your expectation, and you are not satisfied with the quality provided.
  3. You change your mind.
  4. You accidentally check out an item.
  5. You have no idea how to use the downloaded item.
  6. You apply for a refund claim, but you don’t explain the specific reason why you want to refund.
  7. You don’t have access to your downloaded item because it has been deleted on your device. (We suggest you download the item as soon as you finish the payment process to avoid this issue)

Return Policy Verse 1.0 – Effective date: May 2022