2024 Graphic Design Trends: Your Guidance to be Outstanding

February 2, 2024

In 2023, trends in the field of graphic design are quite dynamic. Some old styles appear with a mix and touch of the present and the future. With increasingly sophisticated AI, graphic design trends in 2024 will be more colorful. Here is an overview of what 2024 graphic design trends will be.

2024 Graphic Design Trends: Your Guidance to be Outstanding
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With so many explorations and influences over decades, we will find something new and old. Even some infusing into a more unique trend that brings new color. This overview can help guide your journey in creating various projects to come.

3D Reigns Supreme

The use of 3D elements has been increasing lately. Its use is increasing more and more and diversifying this year. Thanks to AI help, you can get more than the usual elements and components. You can be more creative using 3D surrealism elements. It carries boldness as self-expression. Abstract and organic shapes, vibrant colors, and experimental fonts are some components you can incorporate into this style.

Besides 3D surrealism, inflatable 3D is another 2024 graphic design trend on the rise. It is more playful with bubblegum colors application, such as pink, blue, and iridescent colors. Instead of experimental fonts and abstract shapes, this style incorporates bubbly fonts and shapes. The inflatable one not only creates a playful design. It also bounds to leave a memorable impression.

Nostalgic Retro & Vintage Touch

Being stylish doesn’t mean it always has to be new and up to date. The charm of old-school styles can still survive today, as proven by the retro style that is popular from time to time. Some people may love the bright, bold, and clean designs. However, this is sometimes too dazzling and tiring to the eyes. So, applying faded color palettes, handmade illustrations, or a more human touch design can give you a break from all the advanced technology elements.

The retro vibe in 2024 graphic design trends will be from around the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Its capacity to evoke the nostalgic feeling from those eras makes it attractive. The design works will be friendly for older audiences since it can bring back memories. At the same time, it is also perfect for audiences who love simpler graphics and colors.

Typography Experiments

Whether in technology-generated or retro designs, experimental typography is one of the elements that play a significant role in the 2024 trend. It doesn’t only play as complement elements or wording of the message. Fonts become the focal point of design that speak through their shapes and colors rather than words.

Creative typography and font combinations are taking center stage. You will find more display fonts and serif fonts on the screen instead of san serif fonts. While maintaining legibility and clarity, you, as a designer, can experiment with unconventional fonts, layouts, and text treatments to create visually striking and memorable designs.

Vibrant Colors & Gradients Domination

If soft and calm colors have dominated for recent years, the 2024 graphic design trends are the time for vibrant color domination. It can be said that due to Barbie’s influence from last year, vibrant colors are getting more popular. Barbie’s pink is one of them. Besides, other strong contrasting colors are perfect for attention-grabbing.

What makes those attention-grabber colors more stand out is when gradients are involved. Gradients and color transitions can add depth and visual interest to the design. The use is not only limited to background. It can give a fresh and modern touch to typography, logos, and other graphic works. Moreover, gradients create a dynamic and energetic look, perfect for marketing and branding, making the design stand out in any environment.

Eco-Friendly & Natural Reference Designs

Many graphic designers today put more concern on environmental sustainability and nature issues. Therefore, eco-friendly design will become one of the 2024 graphic design trends. It is an approach that tries to think more about the sustainability of nature and diversity. The trend mostly affects print materials. Consider using recycled materials, eco-conscious color choices, and more.

The trend may not be applied to any niche or business field. However, designs for food and drinks, cosmetics, or medicine industries will definitely benefit from the trend. Apply natural colors -but not limited to green and brown, real-life inspired textures to the packaging designs to grab the interest.

Many other trends will come along during 2024. Even each industry and niche may have its trend. You may use the trends above as your guidance. However, it doesn’t necessarily follow the exact path as mentioned. You may even create your own style and trend that will be popular for many years to come. One thing is for sure, welcome to the vibrant realm of 2024 graphic design trends, and do not hesitate to create your trend.