4 Easiest Ways to Nail Your Book Review Presentation

September 28, 2022

Reading a book is a pleasant activity that you can do in your spare time. You can gain a lot of information by reading a book. Besides, you can get free entertainment as well. In addition, you can share your thoughts about those books in the form of a book review presentation. However, sometimes it can be challenging for some people to share what they thought. Moreover if they have to present it in front of many people. So, before presenting your book review, read this article below to get what a book review is!

What is a Book Review?

For literature students, a book review is like a close best friend they frequently meet every semester. Basically, it is a critical analysis of a book that explains the plot summary. It also defines the complex characters as well as the main themes. Other than that, you can also put your opinions about what you like and dislike from that book.

The Purposes It Holds

The main aim of this type of book report is to assess or examine something. It benefits both the writers and the readers of the book review. For the writer, it can drill their critical thinking and shape their sense of art in the literature. Besides, it is also assigned to show the ability they have to understand the book. On the other hand, for the other readers, it brings the new books to meet their potentials readers. It can be the best reference whether or not they want to read the book.

The Elements You Must Put in Your Book Review Presentation

When you write the book review, you can’t randomly write anything to put there. There are plenty of things you have to consider. Below is the list of elements you must include in your book review.

  • Bibliography Information is the review of the book surface. It includes basic information such as the title, author’s name, publisher, and publication date. In addition, you can also put the number of pages and the book cover to make your audience even more get attracted.
  • Book Summary contains the summary and the subjects of the book, as well as the primary themes. It can be the synopsis of the book or the overview. Additionally, you can also write the author’s argument or point of view as well as the main points and characters.
  • Book Analysis is to put your overall opinions about the book in your book review presentation. This analysis shows your personal preference. Therefore, you can use this chance to examines the quality of the author’s writing style as well as the plot’s construction.

Easy Tips on How to Make an Exceptional Presentation

Now it’s your turn to review your favorite book in more appropriately. We believe that you are capable enough to write your book review. However, sometimes starting something is not easy. You are just stuck in a line without any idea about what to do. In a worse case, you miss the perfect timing and write nothing. But don’t worry! The followings are easy tips that you can follow to impress your audience with your presentation.

1. Remember the Three Elements

If you’re still confused to start it, you can begin writing the three essential elements above. Start your honest and objective review by writing the bibliography, the book summary, and the book analysis. Furthermore you can add your opinion what makes you love or dislike the book.

2. Add Some Attractive Visuals

An impressive presentation always has attractive visuals. They make your presentation multiple times more engaging than the flat one. Hence, you can put some elements, illustrations, or photos that describe your book. For example, you can use the illustration sets below to point out the characters of the book.

Cute Marine Animals Illustration Set
Cute Blushing Vegetable Doodle Characters Illustration Set

3. Design Your Presentation That Matches the Themes of the Book

Sometimes, a theme can be so abstract and not clearly written. It can confuse the audiences and leave them without any idea. However, visuals still can help them to understand the concept of the book. Therefore, you need to use a presentation theme that portrays the book’s concept. For instance, use a playful jungle theme if you review a fable book, or use a minimalist theme if your book is the classic one.

4. Close Your Presentation with a Memorable Quote from the Book

A notable quote can be a best closure for your book Review. So, write one of the most memorable lines or quotes of the book. You can also add some information why you love the quote. Besides, it can show your opinion as well as your personal preference.

As we have clearly mentioned above, presentation visuals hold an essential key to impress your audience. However, creating an attractive presentation is not an easy thing to do. Even though it can be a great challenge, there is an instant way to nail it. You can use presentation templates to present your book review in an attractive way. Try these following templates to get the best result.

Colorful Candy Playful Book Report Presentation Template

Colorful Candy Playful Book Review Presentation Template

This template has a cheerful design that suits your bed time book review. It is specially designed to help you arrange your ideas. It provides many illustrations that draw the story’s plot. In addition, it has bright colors that make it more attractive. Steal the spotlight with this cute presentation template.

Ivory Brown Playful Illustration Animated Book Report Presentation

Ivory Brown Playful Illustration Animated Book Review Presentation

Are you looking for a playful presentation template? This one is made for you then. It has a bright yet calm color combination and cute illustrations. Furthermore, its neat and clean design makes it look more eye-pleasing. You can win your audience’s attention with this cute template.

Beige Orange Minimalist Elegant Book Report Presentation

Beige Orange Minimalist Elegant Book Review Presentation

For you who are the big fan of classic books, this template is meant for you. It has an alluring template that can steal the spotlight. The typography chosen radiates an elegant look. Besides, it has a little bit retro and vintage touch that makes it more unique. Now, there’s no reason to not fall for your presentation.

White Tree Light Minimalist Book Report Presentation

White Tree Light Minimalist Book Review Presentation

Are you head over heels with minimalist concept? Well, this template can be your best companion then. It has a clean and simple layout design that pleases the eyes. This template brings calm and soft nuance that can mesmerize your audience. You can use this template to review a young adult novel or other soulful books.


At a glance, reviewing books give you a chance to deep dive understanding the content. It benefits you and the readers who read your review. In an academic field, it can help you increase your literature scores as well. With an impressive presentation, you can attract everyone’s attention and make them only focus on your presentation.

Discover more captivating presentation templates that meet your needs, whether it is for academic, business, or other purposes. See you on next post!


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