6 Sticker Element Recommendations for More Engaging Designs

June 5, 2024

Implementing stickers to design projects has become an alternative to create a more playful and fun vibe. Furthermore, the elements make a design more engaging since it looks friendlier. To get those effects and results, you’d love to know what sticker element recommendations are best for your work. And here are some sticker design ideas and recommendations for your work.

Why Use Stickers on Design Works?

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Stickers can play a significant role in enhancing the effectiveness and appeal of design works across various mediums. It is more reason to apply the element as one of the design’s appealing points. However, if you need other reasons to use the stickers, here they are.

  • Attract Attention: Their vibrant colors and distinctive shapes can draw the eye more effectively than traditional design elements.
  • Convey Information Quickly: Communicating messages or concepts at a glance, bypassing language barriers and reducing the need for text.
  • Encourage Creativity: Offering the flexibility to experiment with different styles, messages, and visual narratives that can set a design apart from the competition.
  • Personalization: They can be tailored to specific audiences, events, or contexts, providing a personalized touch that resonates with viewers.
  • Versatility: Used in a wide range of applications, from digital designs to physical products, adaptable to changing trends and mediums.

Sticker Element Recommendations to Bring the Mood

There’s no ending when mentioning stickers one by one. They vary in shape, look, and type. Here are the sticker element recommendations by their type as a mood booster in your design.

Icons & Symbols

A designer usually uses icons and symbols for functional purposes. However, they are perfect to use as stickers, too. They are simple and recognizable. Icons and symbols can convey messages quickly and effectively. Social media icons, environmental symbols, or universal signs (like arrows or checkmarks) are some examples of icons and symbols that are universally recognized.

  • Example: Social media icons, environmental symbols, universal signs (like arrows or checkmarks).
  • Usage Tip: Use them to convey messages quickly and effectively.

Characters & Mascots

Some businesses have characters to be mascots, to capture people’s hearts more. Sometimes, the characters or mascots are related to a certain project theme and generally to a brand. They can add a unique and engaging element to your designs. Moreover, they are easier to use in various promotional and marketing materials, whether on digital or print media.

  • Example: Brand mascots or themed characters.
  • Usage Tip: Incorporate them into promotional and marketing materials for a unique and engaging element.

Emojis & Emoticons

Speaking of sticker element recommendations, you shouldn’t miss to use emojis and emoticons. They can add an informal and playful touch to any project you do, making them more relatable to the audience. Their popularity in digital communication makes them more familiar and understandable, especially when you want to convey a certain mood.

  • Example: Smiley faces, thumbs up, hearts.
  • Usage Tip: Add an informal and playful touch to make designs more relatable.

Text Stickers

Stickers are not limited to images or characters. Stylized text elements are also good to be stickers. The text can be phrases, slogans, or CTAs. Since it is not just an ordinary text, the element is more standout and grabs attention easily.

  • Example: Phrases, slogans, CTAs.
  • Usage Tip: Use stylized text elements to grab attention and emphasize key messages.

Seasonal & Thematic

Welcoming a new season can be a good reason to use new stickers, especially seasonal ones. Stickers related to specific seasons, holidays, or themes can make your designs timely and relevant. Like using other related elements to create specific seasonal or holiday designs, they also can make the vibe stronger with a more cheerful tone.

  • Example: Holiday-themed stickers, seasonal elements.
  • Usage Tip: Make designs timely and relevant by incorporating seasonal elements.

Decorative Stickers

Decorative elements can be decorative stickers. Of course, the purpose is to decorate the design project as it is desired. Decorative stickers may not be related to some specific theme but rather to a style. You can use floral designs, abstract shapes, and other decorative elements that can add aesthetic appeal and fill empty spaces effectively.

  • Example: Floral designs, abstract shapes.
  • Usage Tip: Add aesthetic appeal and fill empty spaces effectively.

Ideal Scenarios for Incorporating Sticker Element Recommendations

Stickers are not an element that is suitable for every time and occasion. Its use must be adapted to the design’s goal, audience, and media. Besides, they also should be used judiciously to enhance rather than detract from your message. Here are some suitable situations to incorporate those sticker element recommendations in your design projects.

Social Media Campaigns

Stickers can make social media posts more engaging and shareable. The impact will be greater on platforms where the visual is a key. Besides, stickers also can be part of storytelling as they add emotion or context to stories, making them more relatable and dynamic.

Marketing and Promotional Materials

Attract people to your special offers, discounts, or key features in advertisements, flyers, or online banners using stickers. As mentioned, they are good at drawing attention. Even when you have event promotion, having custom stickers related to an event can generate excitement and visibility. Whether for a sale, a festival, or a product launch.

Perfect for marketing and promotional campaigns. | Source: Peterdraw Studio

Educational Content

No more boring educational materials when you incorporate stickers. They will make the content of any educational material more appealing and memorable, especially for younger audiences. At some points, stickers help illustrate points or steps in instructional content, making it easier to follow.

Personalization and Branding

Custom stickers can reinforce brand identity in packaging, merchandise, and digital content, providing a unique touch that distinguishes your brand. Encouraging customers to use your brand’s sticker elements in their content can increase brand engagement and reach.

User Interfaces and Apps

Although a bit uncommon, it is worth trying to use stickers on user interfaces and apps. Stickers can make digital interfaces more intuitive and enjoyable, especially in messaging apps or on websites that aim for a friendly user experience. Meanwhile, in apps, stickers are more like merch. They can be used as rewards or elements of gamification, encouraging user interaction and loyalty.

Final Thoughts on Sticker Element Recommendations

The key to effectively using sticker elements is to always align them with the purpose of your design, the preferences of your target audience, and the overall message you want to convey. Incorporating sticker element recommendations should be an integral part of your visual communication strategy. Use them at times when they can enhance engagement, convey information more effectively, or add a memorable touch to your branding efforts. That way, you will get better engagement results and reach a larger audience.