8 Best Graphic Design Products to Sell Online

March 20, 2024

A graphic designer is one of many people who has the privilege to sell digital products with so many benefits. You don’t need to stack up products in the storage or be cautious with the expiration time. Furthermore, you can work online, and remotely and make it as your passive income. You have a greater chance to offer yours to more people using digital products.

Design Graphic Products
Source: macrovector

So, what graphic design products sell online?

The logo is an essential brand’s visual identity for businesses. Since it aims to foster trust and professionalism and make a memorable first impression, businesses frequently seek professional graphic designers to make one. Having a designer allows anyone with a business to have a unique logo that makes the brand easy to recognize, distinctive, and more importantly, crucial for cohesive branding.

Social Media Graphics

Social media have been a huge part of our daily lives, whether for business or personal needs. The variety is increasing, with various types of posts, like stories, feeds, reels, banners, headers, and more. The graphics are effective for online communication and engagement. They enhance content visibility, attract attention, and convey messages. That is why many businesses use social media platforms to succeed in their marketing efforts.

Web Design Elements

It has become a necessity that companies have a website so that consumers can have more trust. Therefore, many businesses demand a well-designed website that surely needs good web design elements. These elements enhance visual appeal, functionality, and user experience. Banners, icons, and headers are some elements that will contribute to an effective website design.

Print Designs

Although most graphic design products are produced for digital uses and purposes, many still demand print uses and needs, too. Print design continues to play a crucial role in a well-rounded marketing strategy despite the rise of digital media. Print materials such as brochures, business cards, and posters can create a physical presence that complements the digital effort. They also are more effective in reaching specific audiences.

UI/UX Design

Besides elements, people also demand a good UI/UX design for websites and applications. People need intuitive user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing digital experiences to keep their audience using the website or application. It is challenging to create a well-designed UI/UX from scratch since many aspects to consider to meet user’s needs and expectations.


Day by day, people prefer to read information that is packaged concisely and interestingly. It is one of the reasons why infographic products are increasingly in demand. Infographics simplify complex data, enhance content sharing on social media, and boost SEO. Furthermore, they are visually appealing with charts, graphs, illustrations, or numbers. Its use is also wide because it can be used for marketing and educational needs.


For decades, presentation design has been one of the graphic design products that is in high demand from users. It is vital in various industries, including business, education, and more. Well-crafted presentations are essential for effective communication. They also can influence decision-making, convey ideas persuasively, and leave a lasting impression. So, you will definitely always make a profit by marketing this product.

Collection of Presentation Templates
Collection of Presentation Templates | Source: Peterdraw


The demand for illustrations, especially custom ones, has been growing across various industries. Illustrations can add a unique and personalized touch. They are also valued for their ability to convey specific messages, evoke emotions, and create a distinct visual identity. Apply the illustrations to branding, marketing materials, websites, or products. In fact, quite a few other graphic products use illustration elements to create more lively, attractive, and fun designs.

Best Way to Market Your Graphic Design Products

Create as many products with the best quality as you can offer. When you already have enough, do not hesitate to market them. There are many ways you can try. Some of them are even free without any upfront costs. The following are some of the right ways to market the products.

  • Online Marketplace – Reach global customers through online marketplace, like Etsy, Creative Market, or Shutterstock.
  • Personal Website – Take control over your brand, pricing, and customer relationships to connect with your customers personally.
  • Social Media Platforms – Utilize e-commerce features, such as Instagram and Facebook, to showcase and sell your products. Or, you can direct customers to your website.
  • Freelance Platform – Connect with clients looking for specific design projects using graphic design freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.


Graphic design products cater to diverse marketing needs. So, it will always be profitable to do the business related to them. However, you have to keep up with the trends, but at the same time, hold your uniqueness. That way, the products, and graphic design services you offer will never be devoid of interest. Are you ready to sell your first product?