Recommended! 8 Best Admin Dashboard Template for You

March 29, 2022

Have you ever wondered how people in the admin section can organize many works efficiently? It’s all thanks to the admin dashboard used in the company that can help admin faster, more organized, and efficiently. The right admin dashboard template even can improve the work process greatly.

Every company has its own needs, especially when it involves a specific industry. That is why the dashboard design should be easy to customize. But, for some companies, it will suffice to use the general admin dashboard design. We will introduce you to some templates that might fit your needs.

Kleon – Clean Admin Panel Dashboard

Kleon Admin Dashboard Template

We know you only want the best for your business and company. We offer you our best product ever to fulfill your needs. Please test our Kleon, the clean admin dashboard, to organize all of your administrative work. You can keep your light appearance or dark look for convenience.

This admin dashboard template is one of our best works. Many people have known the benefits of using this dashboard design. It is proven to be effective and efficient. The updated version provides a wide range of reach in various industries based on the consumers’ needs.

Geex – Modern Admin Dashboard

Geex Admin Dashboard

A clean dashboard makes everything easy to work. A little touch of modernity will make the admin works more eagerly. Geex, the modern admin dashboard, can give a modern touch and a livelier working experience to your admin.

The template allows you to manage emails, invoices, to-do lists, banking, crypto, and Kanban activities faster and more efficiently. You also can switch from light or dark mode easily as you wish. What else you can ask when this admin dashboard template has provided everything you need.

Jiade – Modern Crypto Trading UI

You can use Kleon and Geex to monitor your crypto trading progress, but having a specific dashboard is more assuring. We offer you Jiade, the modern crypto trading UI, for the crypto admin to manage, organize and monitor all the transactions and markets.

Jiade Crypto Admin Dashboard

Various graphics, charts, and bars available in this template make the admin work simpler. The colorful charts give a refreshing atmosphere to help the admin stay focused on the job. You can have these 12-screen pages in light or dark mode. Make your trading experience more fun using this template.

XKDX – Clean Crypto Admin Dashboard

XKDX Crypto Admin Dashboard Template

Since crypto transactions are more hectic every day, a more convenient crypto admin dashboard is needed. If you want something cleaner and lighter than Jiade, you can try to use XKDX, the clean crypto admin dashboard, for your crypto website.

As its name suggests, this template looks cleaner than the previous recommendation. It makes it perfect for the admin, especially the beginner, who needs a clean and clear appearance for easy access. You also can analyze the market easily from the graphic change in every market.

Lezato – Restaurant Admin Dashboard

The food business industry will never die and always has a market segment. Keeping that in mind, entrepreneurs in the food sector, especially restaurants, always try to provide the best service. Moreover, consumers are now dependent on online bookings and reviews.

To make your restaurant business easier to monitor, apply Lezato, the restaurant admin dashboard, to improve the restaurant performance. This admin dashboard template can provide more precise information regarding the restaurant, whether the sale, market growth, and trend.

Lezato Restaurant Admin Dashboard

Sedap – Modern Restaurant Admin Dashboard Template

Nothing more convenient than having the latest or up-to-date dashboard to organize your work. If you think Lezato is not comfy enough for your restaurant admin work, we gladly offer you Sedap, the modern restaurant admin dashboard template. The modern design and look of it are perfect for the young entrepreneur.

Through this dashboard, you can monitor restaurant data and graphics. You can manage the food order and delivery, evaluate customer testimonials, watch the sale, and more. With the available data provided by the dashboard, making a restaurant report will be a lot faster and easier than conventional recording.

Sedap Restaurant Admin Dashboard Template

Mediqu – Hospital Admin Dashboard UI

Just like other businesses, the health business also maintains a great deal with some complicated procedures to watch closely. With poor management and organizing, any health center probably will neglect the patients. Therefore, for a more organized administration and management, using the proper admin dashboard template is needed.

Mediqu Hospital Admin Dashboard

For starters, you can try using Mediqu, the hospital admin dashboard UI template, to organize all hospital data. You can monitor the patient’s condition, doctor availability, and also testimonial for further service improvement through the data you get from the dashboard. The eye-catching and various charts make it more attractive.

Welly – Hospital Admin Dashboard UI

If you like something more basic for your hospital admin dashboard, Welly, the hospital admin dashboard UI, will be the perfect choice to use. The graphics and charts provided by the template may look simple, but it is enough to give data and a picture of your hospital’s condition.

Welly Hospital Admin Dashboard

In this 6-page template, you can get the doctor list and detail page, patient list and appointment, testimonials, and more. Even when you want to know the income of the hospital or clinic you manage, you can get the information from this dashboard. By using the right template, you can prevent and minimize data errors.

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Simple Tips in Choosing Your Admin Dashboard

You may find that all the recommendation above is the perfect fit for your business. You should hold your horse first and consider some aspects before you feel any regret after you bought it. These simple tips can help you choose the best template for the admin dashboard for your work.

  • Design. The better the design, the more effective the work. You can imagine yourself working using it and experiencing the advantages and disadvantages of using the dashboard.
  • Support. It should have every support you need to make your work well. The most crucial is the communication section (chats, emails, voice), third-party plugin, and duration of support plugin.
  • Documentation. Good documentation can support the admin in maintaining good work. Make sure it includes compatibility, the technology used, versions, feature updates, file structure, and installation.
  • Responsive. Since today there are many devices used by people, you have to consider choosing the admin dashboard template that supports all devices, from desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Security. No one will be happy if they know their data were stolen. It makes the security issue a big thing to handle carefully. To ensure it, check your HTML & CSS with the validation tools.
  • Flexibility and Customization. Even if you want to use a ready-made template, having a flexible template that can be customized according to your needs is still needed.

Are You Ready to Work Using Your Very Best Admin Dashboard?

Full consideration is always needed to make any decision, especially for your convenience. Remember the six key points in choosing the admin dashboard template and customize it based on your needs and preference for the more acceptable dashboard.


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