Aesthetic Design Style: How to Attract People with Aesthetics

August 31, 2023

It is undeniable that the aesthetics of a design can influence whether or not the audience pays attention to your work. The aesthetic value of each design may vary. However, in today’s graphic design, you can find the term “aesthetic design” as one of the styles, not as a design principle. So, what does the aesthetic style of the design refer to?

What is the Aesthetic Design Style Refer to?

The term aesthetic was originally to describe (usually works of art) something beautiful. However, as time goes by, this term is now used to refer to a design style with a minimalist design and elegant vibe. Some industries that commonly use this design style for promotional or marketing needs are fashion or jewelry businesses. It is perfect to represent the elegance those products usually have.

Characteristics of Aesthetic Design Style

It is quite easy to define an aesthetic design style. You also can create the style easily so long you follow the style rules. Pick an earthy, neutral palette to have this style in your design. You can also incorporate a minimalist, simple, or elegant typeface for a more intense aesthetic design vibe. Even so, you can still have various font choices, like Serif, San Serif, Modern San Serif, or Script.

When you decide to include an image or photograph, watch its composition, tone, pose (with humans included), and complexity. Like picking the color palette, you also better choose a neutral-tone photo. All and all, make sure you use the most pleasing to the eyes but with low complexity. You also can add some decorative elements to make it more eye-catching yet still aesthetically good, like boho, monoline, celestial, or line elements.

Where Can You Apply The Aesthetic Design Style?

The aesthetic design style is perfect for any design you need, as long as it fits your brand, company, or business image. The template designs below can give you a big picture of how to incorporate the style into your design for promotional or marketing purposes.

Minimalist Aesthetic Jewelry Shop Instagram Post

Jewelry is a luxury item that is already very outstanding and has its own charm. To promote it, you do not need to overdo it. A simple but aesthetic style like this post template can highlight the advantages of this jewelry. It used a neutral color combination so it highlighted the product. For font selection, this template combines two types of typefaces, Script, and Sans Serif type. The left one even includes a line element to highlight the CTA.

Urban Touch on Aesthetic Fashion Promotion Instagram Story

Although aesthetic design style basically incorporates neutral-tone color palettes and photos, it doesn’t limit you from breaking the rule. Take a look at those fashion promotion story templates below. They have lively colors, like pink and purple. Yet, they still have aesthetic decorative elements like sparkling stars and aesthetic 3D elements. Not to mention that those templates use aesthetically pleasing photos to promote fashion items. With this look and style, the template is also good for promoting makeup or cosmetic products.

Ivory Aesthetic Interior Design Pinterest Pin

Aesthetic style is not only suitable for promoting jewelry, fashion, or beauty products. You can also apply this design concept to promote your interior design business, just like the template below shows. An aesthetic impression is indeed very suitable to attract the attention of prospective clients. The clients usually like to see the appearance of the room and the overall promotional design that looks neat to have in their own space.

Earthy Color Tone, Neat Design, and a Neutral Tone Image with Sparkling Elements | Maea Studio Collection

Aesthetic Design with an Organic Touch and Warm Color

Just like aesthetic means you can use bright colors with an urban vibe, it also allows you to bring the touch of organic elements and soft warm colors. The templates below show you how to mix them well and still be aesthetically good to engage with your audience. This combination is perfect for those who like something calm but still have a soft pop of color.

Scrapbook for Aesthetic Look

Can an aesthetic design style only use sparkle, star, or line elements? Of course not. You can use scrapbook elements to create this design style. But remember, to make these elements create an aesthetic design, the image or photo you use must be aesthetic as well. It is because scrapbook elements are more often juxtaposed with photos, which are the focal point. You can see it from the following template, looks good and on point, right?

Still Looks Aesthetically Pleasing with Scrapbook Elements Decorating It | Studio Delapan Collection

Aesthetic Photo College Instagram Story

Presenting a design that includes more than one image sometimes can be very tricky. If you can’t arrange it right, the design look will be stacked and crowded. However, when you can apply ripped and scrapbook elements, like these, it will have more aesthetic value that invites more people. This aesthetic design style is perfect for travel and tour agencies. But, you also can apply it for your personal needs to share your moments with your followers.

Aesthetic Boho Desktop Wallpaper

Creating aesthetic designs need not always be for business purposes that expect recognition and profit. You can also make the design to your own satisfaction. For example, by making wallpaper for your PC desktop. Look at this desktop wallpaper! It combines various illustrative elements and creates a new image that pleases the eyes. Its color combination makes it look more earthy, and calm and, at the same time, conveys a warm feeling.

An aesthetic wallpaper for your PC | Maea Studio Collection

Ready to Create Your Aesthetic Design Style?

Humans are creatures that tend to like everything beautiful. Therefore, creating an aesthetic design style is certainly easy when you know what beauty is. Hence, you don’t need to feel constrained by existing aesthetic limitations. You can experiment with combining other styles, as in some of the designs above. You might create your own aesthetic trend that other designers will follow in the future.