AI Illustration; The Technology to Ease Your Creative Process

For years, artificial intelligence (AI) always becomes a hot topic talked in the town. Some people may think that this technology can help them to solve the problem. And others may think that it can be a great disruptor that removes the role of humans as well as a threat. So, how about AI illustration? Is that really art when it is made by technology? Is it really a threat to you, as a graphic designer? Or the opposite, it can be your best companion to help you create exceptional works? In this article, we will unleash AI illustration, how it works, and how to deal with this technology.

What is AI Illustration?

At a glance, it is a technology that allows creators to create artwork using artificial intelligence. The illustrations and graphics are made by machine learning programs and neural networks. As a result, it has an excellent ability to analyze and learn from existing images to create various graphics. Moreover, it can also generate highly detailed and complex designs as beautiful as human works. Thus, people can instantly create beautiful art in a short time.

AI Illustration made by Midjourney

How Does This Technology Work?

The work of AI illustration slightly can blow our minds. As we have mentioned above, this technology uses algorithms and machine learning to generate one single image. The key point of using this technology lies in the use of code and prompts added to the software or generator. Thus, you can start the process by creating a rough sketch or entering the prompt image. After that, the machine will process the image with the data collected. Besides, the AI system also can add color and shading to the image, making it look even more realistic with the touch of a human’s hand.

The Advantages You Can Get from AI Illustration

At a glance, AI Illustration allows everyone to create outstanding graphic designs with minimal effort. Besides, there is still a bunch of advantages both for those who are not designers, and the designers themselves. Below is the list of pros you can take from this technology.

Time Savings and Efficiency

This technology can help you save precious time by generating complex designs and illustrations in a short time. Other than that, it can make your workflow even more simple. It requires less manual work that consumes much time in your creative process. As a result, it helps you to focus more on the other aspects of the projects you handle. You can use your time to think about the user experience, marketing, branding, and other aspects that require strategy.

Customization and Consistency

AI Illustration can create particular graphics and illustrations that meet your needs. It also allows you to create very customize impressive artwork. And it doesn’t stop right there. Besides creating unique graphics, this technology can consistently create high-quality images. Thus, it can be your best assistant to create consistent visuals for branding and marketing.

Accessibility for All Level

With its simplicity, AI illustration is easy to use. It can generate graphics from the rough sketch and prompt text. Thus, you don’t have to be a master of graphic design to create one single captivating image. On the opposite, everyone can access and use it.

In What Field You Can Use AI Illustration?

When we talk about the application of this technology, not gonna lie that it has made a significant change in any field. It has a wide range of applications that helps the designer to create various images for any purpose. Here is a list of the most common applications of AI Illustration in graphic designs that you can apply:

  • Marketing and Branding. AI Illustration tools are really helpful to create consistent graphics for logos and social media content. It can help businesses to establish a strong brand identity as well as increase engagement.
  • Print and Digital Advertising. This one is the most common application of AI Illustration. Use this technology to create eye-catchy graphics. You can make various printed and digital marketing materials for your business with images produced by this technology.
  • Web Design. Besides marketing and advertising, AI Illustration also can be your best support system to create an appealing website design. Moreover, its unique design can improve the website’s user experience and conversion rates.
  • Education and Training. AI Illustration also gives benefits to the education field. It can help you to illustrate certain materials that need clear illustrations, such as science, geography, physics, maths, and many more.
  • Video Game Development. In developing video games, AI Illustration also can help you create high-quality art and game assets. Besides, it can speed up the game development process and improve the overall game’s quality.

Best AI Illustration Software and Generators

Today there is no limitation when you want to make some experiments. You can find many art generators and software on the internet to create beautiful objects. From DALL-E to Midjourney, they provide unique features with their own capabilities that meet your needs.


This is one of the most popular AI Illustrations nowadays. For your information, it is the product series launched by OpenAI along with ChatGPT. Basically, this generator is the latest version of DALL-E. So what makes it even more interesting? Well, this AI has the ability to change a prompt text to original images. When we talk about quality, this AI generates images 4x better than the previous version, making it become even more favorable to the users.

AI Illustration - DALL- E 2 by OpenAI


Like DALL-E 2, Midjourney is also AI text-based image generator that uses machine learning to generate illustrations. You can share your ideas with the interactive bot, and let it bring your imagination alive. Along with that, the quality of the images of this generator is superb. And this is what makes it famous since the first day it launched in July 2022. If you want to create your images, you can either go to or join in Discord.


Wanna try something else? Perhaps you need to know about Fotor. This generator claims that it is the next level of online photo editor. As a result, you can create illustrations by inserting the images into the generator, then you can have an amusing illustration only in seconds. Besides, the rangeability of this application is quite wide. You can make images in various styles like 3D, anime, sketch, pointless, hand-drawn, and many more.

Final Thought

Using AI Illustration is an exciting experience. It has pros and cons that make it even more unique. Some thoughts it can be a serious threat to humans, graphic designers in particular. But, it also can be your best assistant to ease your work. All you need is just focus on the bigger picture and set the best strategy. After all, the option is yours, whether you want to take it or leave it. Because at the end of the day, AI Illustration is heartless and emotionless, thus, they can’t replace you to give a touch of heart to your work.

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