Get to Know the Key Points That Make Your Autumn Festival Design More On Point!

Autumn is one of the most awaited seasons due to the hype of the festivals. There are a bunch of autumn festivals that we can hype during this season. From a harvest celebration to a Halloween party, autumn offers chances to enjoy the season with our loved ones. But, do you know how to bring the cherish of the autumn festival to your design? What makes our design even more engaging? Well, in this article, we will share tips to create a cozy atmosphere for your fall event.

The Celebration of Autumn Festivals All Around the World

Autumn remarks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the cold winter. The season is well-known for the changing colors of the leaves and the cooler temperature. Other than that, it is also associated with the arrival of fall fruits and vegetables. For many people, fall is the perfect time to celebrate the local tradition as well as connect with the community. Below is the list of how people around the world celebrate the fall events.

The US and Canada: Family Gathering on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the United States and Canada. American people celebrate this day every year on the fourth Thursday in November. On this special day, all family members are gathering to enjoy Thanksgiving meals like roasted turkey and sweet potatoes. Other than that, people also spend their time on this day with the ones they love as a form of gratitude for the life they have.

Thanksgiving Autumn Festival

China: Mid-Autumn Festival

Alike The United States, China also has an iconic mid-autumn festival to celebrate. People also call this festival Mooncake Festival which celebrates the full moon in the fall. The festival is usually celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. In Chinese belief, the full moon means reunion. That’s why many people will have a family meeting to enjoy dinner. For the festival itself, there are many agendas that people like to do during this event like worshiping the moon, lighting paper lanterns, and sharing mooncakes. No wonder many people always wait for this special day, not only the locals but also the tourists.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Ireland and Scotland: Halloween

Halloween is the other most popular autumn festival in the world. Annually people celebrate this day on October 31st. Originally this event was a pagan religious celebration to welcome the harvest at the end of summer. However, Celtic people in Europe believed that on that day there was no boundary between this world and the next. Therefore, it made the dead ones connect with us. They also believed that this phenomenon would bring bad luck and disease. Thus, to prevent it, they wear creepy costumes to trick death. After centuries this culture has spread out around the world.

India: Diwali Autumn Festival

Diwali is the most important and the biggest holiday in India. This festival is like Christmas for Hindus. This autumn festival is not only for one religion but also for non-Hindu communities. On this special day, Indians will light their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects them from the darkness. Along with that, people also decorate their houses with colored rice, sand, or flower petals. This festival makes their house feel so warm in the middle of fall. Besides, this event is perfect to gather with all family members, share gifts, and set off the fireworks.

Diwali Autumn Festival

Simple Ways to Liven up Your Autumn Festival Design

When you want to make a visual design to hype an autumn festival, you need to remember what makes your design that speaks the vibes. It can come from the color palette, typography, or elements. Below is the list of the key elements that you need to consider while making one design whether for your posters, Instagram posts, or stories.

Warm Color Palette for Warm Autumn Festival

Autumn is mostly associated with fallen leaves that make their leaves’ color change. Warm colors like burnt orange have a rich and vibrant shade of orange that can add warmth and energy to your design. Moreover, the autumn festival is also well known for the use of these two colors. Even so, you can also use other warm colors like deep red, olive green, or rust brown to add a sense of a comfy to your design.

Festive Elements to Hype the Festivals

Every autumn festival has its own characteristic that makes them unique. Some elements like fallen leaves, pumpkins, mooncakes, and lanterns have become a part of the fall event concept that we cannot separate. Halloween for example, we cannot get rid of the iconic Jack O’ Lantern when we want to make a Halloween design. Whereas you can add some Chinese elements to make mooncake festival designs. Thus, it’s essential to know the remarkable items for each festival.

Yellow Pumpkin Cute Hand Drawn Autumn Illustration Set with Yellow Salmon Lime Linen Dark Chocolate White and Skin Tone colors
Bubbly Hand Drawn Halloween Illustration Set with Orange Purple White Yellow and Black colors

Choose the Right Typography that Meets Your Design Concept

Besides the color palette and elements, you can bring an autumn mood with the right typography. Ever since the autumn festivals mostly share warm and cheerful nuance, you can choose some fonts like script and handwriting fonts. Those two types of fonts can give a cozy and personal touch that can melt your cold windy fall. Or you cant choose bold fonts to make your design even more energizing. Even so, you still need to consider visibility and readability.

Sabrina Handwritten Font
Pistachio Handbrushed Font

Final Thoughts

After all, creative autumn festival design is about bringing hype and festive into the design. You can liven up the mood by applying the right color palette, elements, and typography. Whether the design is for print or digital platforms, these elements can elaborate and enhance the grande of each festival itself. So are you ready to rock your own design with those elements? Share your opinion below!

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