Business Analysis Presentation Structure, Impress The Stakeholders with Your Report

September 19, 2022

Stakeholders of a company will ask for a business analysis report from time to time. This report helps in making an improvement or development in the business. Creating a comprehensive analysis may satisfy them. However, to please and impress your superiors, you must study more to create a formal and professional business analysis presentation.

What is Exactly a Business Analysis Report?

As someone who works as a business analyst or part of a management team, you have to understand what you make. The business analysis report covers all the information about the current condition of your company. This report will help the stakeholders and other departments make some adjustments. In short, it will help in the decision-making process.

The proper and detailed business analysis presentation will help determine the company’s future. It is not only by depending on a mere instinct. All the decision is based on the actual data to analyze the possibilities, threats also risk. Besides, your company can get all these benefits.

  • Communication improvement. No more on-holding problem solving between the stakeholders and the employees. Communication will be even smoother to cultivate better collaboration among employees and colleagues eventually.
  • Productivity increase. Knowing what happens to and in your company will help you rearrange the internal work efficiency. Work more on strategy activities to achieve more, especially on long-term goals.
  • Encourage innovation. The data from the business analysis presentation you provide can help the company to create innovations. that suit the needs and demands of the market. Moreover, the competition in the digital world is getting fiercer, and changes are moving faster. Innovation of new products and services is a must to survive.

Structure of Business Analysis Presentation

Arranging the content of a business analysis presentation can vary depending on to whom you will present it. However, the presentation structure will remain the same. This structure is divided into four parts. They are the introduction, investigation process, investigation outcome, and summary. Some also add references to the presentation. Let’s check the structure detail out!


Firstly, introduction. Make your introduction as brief as possible. Enough to let your audience know what you will present. Putting a slide of an agenda is something you can do as your brief explanation. Besides, the pointers you provide in this slide can help the audience focus. It can measure how far the presentation you have presented and prepare for next. The introduction about the company is also acceptable.

About a company as an introduction

Grasp your audience’s attention by providing a captivating and powerful background. Then, match it with appropriate colors and typography. And you will have all their attention from the very beginning.

Investigation Process

Secondly, the investigation process. In this section, you show your process of analyzing the company’s state. Through the process slides you present, the audience will have a better understanding of the obstacles the company faces, the possibilities that bring opportunities, and, don’t forget, the risks of every action taken accordingly.

Company Mission or Objectives Assessment

Basically, you cannot exclude assessing the mission or objectives step in the investigation process. It is a crucial part of your business analysis presentation to get a clear situation of the working culture and goals achieved. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to include all the mission or objectives of the company. Consult with your supervisors what the best to include, especially the crucial ones that will affect the company’s growth in the near future.

Mission to assess

Financial Performance Review

No company will work without any financial support. Thus, its performance will significantly affect the continuity of the company. Reviewing it can help foresight any threats to a company’s financial capability. Cash flow, pricing, cost, debts, and profit-loss statements are obviously what you have to provide in this review. Using charts, graphics, diagrams, and chronological timelines is the best way to depict this information significantly.

Four Ps Examination

After explaining the company’s goals and financial condition, provide four P’s examinations in your business analysis presentation. What are the four Ps? Four Ps stand for product, price, place, and promotion. Then, define these four points objectively on insightful visuals. Therefore, the stakeholders, even investors, are more likely to invest in your product.

This analysis is closely related to your company’s marketing. Thus, providing marketing strategy, target market, and promotional tactics information in the slides. Insightful visuals with high-quality images and key data points will make your presentation easier to understand.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is the real deal of a business analysis presentation. Show the strength of your company, weaknesses to overcome as challenges ahead, opportunities as solutions, and threats to watch out for. Your weaknesses are the problems to solve. Meanwhile, the opportunities you mentioned are possible solutions you can offer. Lastly, add some infographics and charts to make your SWOT analysis section more presentable.

What’s your SWOT analysis?

Structural Evaluation

Including structural evaluation in your presentation is optional. The main focus of this evaluation is the human resource and force. Meanwhile, the main purpose of presenting this evaluation is to increase confidence in the ability of your company team. Visualizing techniques or procedures will help convince the audience, indeed. Hence, no matter what comes, you have the capability and precaution to the problems.

Investigation Outcomes

Thirdly, the investigation outcomes. When you come to this part, it means you have passed the most complicated part of a business analysis presentation. In this section, put the recommendation for better company performance. They are usually follow-ups from the objectives that have not been achieved or met. Also, include the online pros and cons of each recommendation with supporting arguments you present to reach the best final decision.


Lastly, summary. It is the final and closing part of the presentation. Make a proper closure that can conclude your presentation. Mention all the key points of your slides. Especially the main problems, analysis techniques, results, and recommendations. You also can alternate this part by presenting the overview. Take the point of view from an internal as well as from external.

All Set And You are Ready to Create Your Own Business Analysis Presentation

Presenting all this dense information at once needs an effort more than just your skill in analyzing and presenting. You have to design it with a good flow and good visualization. At the same time, it will leave a deep impression. You can always start making it yourself. However, getting help from a professional is a better option to impress your higher-ups.

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