Want to Get the Right Consulting Agency Instagram Template? Make Sure You Have the Content Right First

May 2, 2023

A consulting agency is a service-based business. There are no concrete items or things to sell to the clients or customers. However, anyone who runs this business still has to show their existence on social media, like Instagram, to survive in the industry. You only have to know how to organize the contents that will benefit you. So, you can’t fully apply the same methods and contents as a product-based business.

How to Organize Content Plan for Consulting Agency

Before you decide to bring your business to social media, you have to remember one thing. Do not expect to get big sales numbers. Social media is about connecting with people, in this case, your clients. There’s more than showing your service to the audience. The question is, how to make a content plan for your consulting business Instagram? Let’s find out the answer together.

Prepare a Mixed Content Plan

When talking about connection, you have to lessen hard selling marketing strategy. It is not the way to build a connection. It should be based on trust. Providing help and values, also delivering your brand story will make the audience more related to you. Doing business with you is the last goal you will achieve. Then, what kind of mixed content do you have to provide for a consulting agency?

We can divide the content plan into three categories. First, add value and helps in which you share useful and applicable information for your ideal target needs. Second, create connections that will greatly affect your engagement with your ideal target. Lastly, promote or sell your service. Of course, you still have to do this but remember the intensity. Add value and helps more, creating connection in moderation and selling your service less.

Create A 4:3:2 Content Plan Composition

How much do you have to create each content plan? How much is more? How much is moderate? And how much is lesser? You can apply a 4:3:2 content plan comparison to do it. Provide 4 contents for value, 3 contents to connect, and 2 contents for selling services. But, how to make it enjoyable and can benefit your audience and yourself?

Content Plan for Values

Providing values for your audience can be tricky, but it is doable. Others have proven it well. You can educate them by sharing useful tips. Of course, it must be something related to the services your consulting agency provides. Do not forget to put a little smile by providing some jokes to entertain. No audience will think of your social media as boring. Also, motivate or give positive influence through inspirational quotes.

Business Tips Instagram Carousel Canva Template

Content Plan for Connecting

Connecting with the audience is no different than connecting with real people. You have to open up. Show what happens behind the scenes, introduce your team, the process of your work, and more. Pack your story well by including activity documentation. This way, the audience will feel more familiar with your agency.

Sailor Simple and Elegant Company Profile Instagram Template

Content Plan for Selling

Although content for selling is the last one, you still must plan it well. Make full of use of these two rations as much as possible. When you already have a good relationship with your target audience, selling your service will be easier. You will get a warmer welcome. So, you still have to maximize your effort in building relationships before everything else.

Purple Slime Business Consulting Agency Instagram Template

Invest on Visual

Visualization is an important part of attracting audiences on Instagram. Thus, investing in visuals is a must. Images and template designs are what build it. If possible, engage a professional photographer to produce high-quality images. Having high-quality images can boost their trust in your consulting agency. Meanwhile, low-quality images only will make them doubt your professionalism and credibility. If you can’t take care of your own problem, how will they leave their problems to you?

After collecting images, you still have to curate them. Pick the most matching one with your agency branding, vibe, color tone, also the content you will share. You can curate the available images from free stock sites or your own images. Don’t just because the quality is good, you ignore other important aspects.

It also applies to the template design. Today, many applications and programs can help you to produce high-quality templates. You can customize them to your needs. Those apps and programs even have their own image stocks, illustrations, and videos to complete the designs. However, sometimes you need to give a personal touch. That is why a touch from an expert is needed.

Compose Captions

Investing in visuals is good. But, don’t forget to attach well-crafted captions to your posts. Because a service-based business, like consulting agency, is not just about visuals. Always remember the basic concept, of connecting with people. Captions can be a place to tell a story to engage, interact, and do business with audiences.

Make a caption that matches the image you display on the post. If the image and caption do not complement each other, it will only worsen your company’s image on social media. Also, make sure the caption is interactive as if you’re writing for one person instead of many people. This method will produce writing that is more flowing and seems familiar.

The last thing to include in the caption is a call to action phrase (CTA). This CTA is an invitation to the audience to do what the phrase suggests. A direct invitation to like, follow, comment, save, mention, etc, is the most common CTA you can find. It might trigger small action but it will lead to something bigger. When your followers have followed this instruction, it will be easier to ask them to do something more.

You can ask your followers to do something bigger. It will bring them one step closer to being your client. The CTAs commonly used to trigger that action are reading more, visiting the blog, clicking the link in the bio, signing up for the newsletter, and more. The main purpose of those CTA is to make the followers visit your website. Including all these elements in your caption will help you create an effective and powerful Instagram post.

Create a Content Plan for Your Consulting Agency and Connect with Prospective Clients Now

There is no guarantee that once you adjust your content plan to the consulting agency business you run you will get immediate results. However, if you are consistent in applying this plan, research your target, and review your content insight, your goal can be achieved.