Tips to Create the Perfect CV Resume to Make You Get Hired

In applying for a job, you have to include your CV resume as the first assessment material the human resource in the company needs. A presentable and eye-catching CV holds a quite important role in whether you can go through the next step or not.

A CV is your representation that summarizes all the detailed information the company should know. If you can create a perfect CV, at least you can pass the first stage in your job hunt. But, how to make the best CV you want to capture HR attention?

5 Simple Tips to Create Your CV Resume Perfectly

The objective of creating a proper resume is to catch the recruiters’ eyes to pick yours. A well-formatted one has a higher chance to be picked and get noticed. These tips will help you create a better-formatted CV for your benefit.

Pay Attention to the Fonts

Although you want to catch the recruiters’ eye, you still have to hold yourself not to apply the exaggerating typeface. The formal or sans serif fonts are preferable as standard CV resume typeface since they look professional, clear, and easy to read.

While for font size, you have to differentiate the font size based on the position and level of importance. Pick 14 or 16 pt font size with a bold format for your name and section titles. You can put your name as the title instead of using the word CV, Curriculum Vitae, or Resume.

Besides the titles, you can set a font size between 10 to 12 pt. This setting will make sure the recruiters or potential employers can read yours. Another thing you have to make sure of is all fonts and font sizes are consistent.

Be Consistent with Your CV Layout

Consistency has to be applied in every aspect of your CV resume. The font is one thing, and an overall layout is another thing. It can represent the whole CV you made.

Firstly, set a one-inch margin for all four sides. Secondly, make uniform headings by using large and bold formatting. Thirdly, use clear spacing and bullet points to keep it concise. It will help the recruiters pick up the important information quicker.

Less is More

No matter how eager you want to show your skill at the first glance, refrain from using excessive graphics. Keep your resume simple, easy to read and have enough white space as a breathing room for the recruiters.

You also have to remember that you may need to print it, usually using black ink on white paper. It will fail the purpose of using graphics and many colors. Print on one side only to make your resume illegible, neat, and clean.

Include Only Needed

Remember that you have to keep your CV resume simple, so you only have to include information needed to know by the recruiters. So, what information do you have to include in it?

You have to include contact details (full name, home address, mobile number, and email) to show that you are easy to reach. Put a brief statement, about 100 words, to highlight your key attributes in the profile section.

Your educational background and work experiences are crucial, too, as a reference for the recruiters to assess you. It is good to list them from the recent or latest one. Make sure the work experiences you write on the CV are relevant to the job you are currently applying for.

Other points you have to highlight are your skills and achievements, interests or hobbies, and finally, references. All of them can give you some adding value and make you more unique than any other applicants or job finders.

Make It Look Good

No matter what the wise words say, no one can deny that appearance or look is significant, especially when you want to attract people’s attention, in this case, the recruiters. Do not hesitate to make your resume different than others, but keep it brief and relevant to the job you apply for.

For some circumstances, you even have to tailor the CV to match the type of work or company you are aiming for. To get a satisfying result, research the company and which skill you want to highlight most. Extra effort in the right place won’t betray you.

CV Resume Template Inspiration to Make Yours Look Good

Making your CV resume looks good need effort. It doesn’t mean you have to start from zero. We can provide you with various CV template inspirations that may suit your need. Or, you can just pick one of them and apply it to your ready-to-use text. Let’s check them out!

Professional CV Resume Indesign Template Vol.27

Make your self-introduction more eye-catching using Professional CV Resume Indesign Template Vol. 27. You can keep your brief introduction professional and, at the same time, neat and clean. Every part of this template is designed to catch the audience’s attention.
You know what you have to prioritize so, the recruiters will immediately know your advantages compare to other applicants. This modern look can boost your confidence to gain the company management’s attention.

professional CV resume 27

Professional CV Resume Indesign Template Vol.26

Want to keep it humble but still look bold? You might want to try to use the Professional CV Resume Indesign Template Vol. 26 for your job application resume. This design can emphasize the boldness and firmness of your will to work in the company.
The dark color on this template can create a bolder professional feel in your CV. When you decide to use this template design, make sure you apply to a company with firm values.

professional CV resume 26

Professional CV Resume Indesign Template Vol.17

Charging with full force is good, but sometimes a soft touch is needed to capture the eye of the recruiters. The Professional CV Resume Indesign Template Vol. 17 can help you present it well. All the points, like contact details, profile, work experience, education, skills, achievements, and references, are available here.
Indesign is not the only application you can use to edit this template. Even when you only have Word, you can easily edit it to be your own resume. This modern and minimalist template design is perfect for you who need a simple look but is still catchy.

professional CV resume 17

Are you interested with this one?

Professional CV Resume Indesign Template Vol.15

Keeping your target stuck in your resume is the purpose of using the pre-formatted template. Strike like a lightning is what the Professional CV Resume Indesign Template Vol. 15 offers to you. Its yellow component will not be missed even when there are a hundred CVs submitted at the same time as yours.
More than that, every section in this template is designed to your needs and professional requirements. No wasting space, but also not too crowded. This template design will be perfect to use when you apply to creative agencies, the entertainment industry, and other more playful companies.

Professional CV Resume 15

Don’t miss your chance!

Are You Ready for Your Job Hunt?

It is never too late to give a final touch to your CV for your job application. Create a CV resume that not only has perfect content but also has an attractive look. One last thing to remember, no matter what kind of style you use, make sure not to overdo it. It is the key to your future dream job.


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