Explore the Popular Fonts in 2024, Which One Can Elevate Your Design?

February 7, 2024

Experimental typography is one of the trends that will be hyped in 2024. Thus, many fonts will be involved more in various projects, from branding to website design creation. Typeface not only helps in delivering the message better, but it also makes your design visually aesthetic and pleasing. With typography as the focal point, you will find more display and serif font types, though it doesn’t mean any san serifs are on the rise. Find out the upcoming popular fonts in 2024 here.

Source: Freepik

Restora: Old Style Never Dies

No matter what year we are in, the touch from the past always gives a nostalgic color to the present and future. Restora helps bring the old vibe to your designs. It has a versatile mix of old-style Roman serif style typefaces with beautiful letterforms. Its versatility allows this type of family to be used in various design project themes.

Restora serif type family provides you with 16 fonts with italics. The Open Type features provided swash, beautiful ligatures, and stylistic alternates. Therefore, you can have a unique look for book covers, editorial, branding, advertising, and more.

Moxy Rush: Moody Gothic to Boost the Mood

One of the popular fonts in 2024 comes from the Modern Gothic style, such as Moxy Rush from Alit Design. It is a classic black letter font. However, it blends with a captivating contemporary twist that can breathe life into your typography works. The font supports multi-language use, ligatures, and alternative characters. Unfortunately, it is free for personal use only but it still is perfect for your personal designs, projects, and artworks to high sophistication and creativity.

Misto Font: Architectural Touch in Font

Although san serif is not the highlight of the year trend, Misto Font has its place in the designer’s heart. It is not a mere san serif since it is also a display typeface with an extravagant design inspired by Slavutych’s postmodernist architecture. The font designed by Katerina Korolevtseva is available for multilingual use and supports Latin and Cyrillic.

Misto has extra thin lines with all the uppercase letters. It makes it perfect for headlines, logo designs, brand identities, web designs, packaging, and posters. You can use this for personal or commercial since it has both licenses.

Maltiner: Strengthen the Retro Vibe

Some retro designs may do without any typeface. However, retro design with text will never be complete without retro typefaces and fonts. Maltiner Display, as one of the popular fonts in 2024, is here to strengthen the retro vibe in your design. Since it is specially designed for display settings, it offers a bold yet refined aesthetic for typography excellence.

Classic typography and newspaper headlines are the inspiration for this versatile, elegant, and sophisticated condensed wedge serif font. Hence, it will elevate your works, especially for logotypes, editorial layouts, movie titles, posters, postcards, or apparel designs. Get the font for free for your personal use. Or, you can purchase a commercial license to bring the fusion of traditional and modernity to your commercial projects.

Okta Neue: Neutrality for Wide Use

Decorative and display types are not all you need for design projects. Sometimes, what you need is a neutral one for its great legibility, simple geometric letter shapes, and low contrast for all styles. This San serif font provides you with quite a lot of styles, up to 22 styles (11 uprights and 11 italics). Besides, it also has enhanced OpenType features with extended language support. So, you can use it for multilingual needs like Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew.

What is this one of the popular fonts in 2024 suitable for? It is suitable for almost all your needs across various applications. You can use it for logos, titles, web layouts, and brandings. It also works well for various font pairings. What’s more important is it is available for personal and commercial use for free. However, for the full version, you still have to purchase it.

Glasset Experimental Distort: Experiment with Experimental Font

To be totally in experimental mode, you can try to grab Glasset Experimental Distort for your projects. The distorted effect creates a unique visual impact that will grab the audience’s attention. Its unconventional appearance will be quite challenging, especially in its legibility. But, if you dare enough to challenge yourself, it can be a daring choice for movie posters, titles, presentation covers, and more.

Argesta: For the Timeless and Elegant Touch

Creating an elegant look will be perfect with the touch of the Argesta serif font family. This serif font has a high-end, refined look, suitable for any luxury and sophisticated design. It is perfect for brand identity, magazine design, packaging, and more for fashion or other luxury products. Inspired by vintage, classic, and even the modern era, it provides nine styles from Hairline to Text.

Orlanda: Art Deco Style on Your Typography

Orlanda is one of the popular fonts in 2024 that was created recently in 2023. This modern serif has a flowing ligature. Furthermore, its formal mood makes it perfect for designing products that require high readability, such as brochures, advertisements, logos, videos, and more. It includes multilingual support. So, you can use the font for any project in various languages you may need from a PC or Mac.

Disket Mono: Grids on the Raid

Another geometric font inspired by grids and modern architectures is brought to you by Disket Mono. It is a display monospaced modern hybrid font with two weights, bold and regular. The font may look simple, but it can help create various projects. You just name it, such as logo, quote, blog header, poster, branding, invitation, stationary, and more.

Although it only has two styles, Disket Mono supports 20 languages. Its distinct, creative, and expressive appearance is what you need to deliver a clear message. Thanks to Denis Ignatov, you can enjoy the Cyrillic set of this typeface. Get it for free, whether for personal or commercial use and create a more fabulous project with the font.

The typography landscape in 2024 showcases a diverse array of fonts, each contributing a unique aesthetic to design projects. With these popular fonts in 2024, designers can elevate their works across a spectrum of applications. Whether it is for branding or editorial layouts, you can embrace the fusion of traditional and modern design elements in the exciting 2024 typography trends.