Geometric Design Style: A Story, Characteristics, and Ideas that You Need to Know!

September 19, 2023

Geometric shapes are not a new thing in our minds. Ever since we are in elementary school, the teachers already teach us about these basic shapes. But, have you ever wondered where those shapes come from? Why many objects around us are squares, circles, or triangles? And what can you do with geometric shapes as a graphic designer? Well, in this article, we will bring you diving into the world of geometric design style.

Brief History of Geometric Design Style

When we talk about the history of geometry, we need to pull the string since the first time this style appeared—on which thousands of years ago. We can find these basic shapes in ancient architecture and pottery. However, the hype of this design style started in the early 20th century. In that era, the Bauhaus movement highlighted simplicity and functional design. As a result, it made the use of clean lines, simple shapes, and bold colors become so popular back then. Today, the adaptation of this style is more versatile than before. It gives multiple options for artists to create beautiful designs rooted in these basic shapes.

Characteristics of Geometric Design Style

Like its name, geometric design plays with basic shapes to create an alluring design look. It’s all about the domination of simple shapes in the composition as well as the use of clean lines and sharp angles. Rectangles, circles, trapezium, and other basic shapes are the vocal point in this design style. Along with that, the repetition of shapes, patterns, and grids makes the design even deeper and adds a sense of visual balance. This style can be the best gateway to creating a rigid but modern design look. But—once again—don’t let this stereotype limit your exploration. You can play with this design to make a design with playful vibes as well.

Geometric Design Style

Geometric Shapes Ideas for Your Unique Graphic Design

There are a lot of basic shapes that you can work with for your graphic designs. From rectangles to hexagonal, we have summarized a group of geometric shapes to make your design even more mesmerizing.

Basic Geometric

Basic Geometric Shape

Firstly, let’s get in touch with the first shape, the basic geometric shapes. This one focuses on the use of simple shapes with clean lines. It uses basic shapes like circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, hexagons, and other basic shapes as the focal point. The design often follows a minimalist concept that creates balanced and harmonious compositions. As a result, a design that uses this composition will have a firm and clean look.

Geometric Mosaic

Mosaic Geometric Design

When you want to create a fascinating graphic design based on geometric shapes, mosaic geometric is one of the styles you need to try. This design is created uniquely by assembling small, colored pieces of materials into one larger pattern. As a result, the design creates a captivating visual effect with the dynamic of rhythm and repetition motif.

Abstract Geometric

Abstract Shape for Geometric Design

This one is another geometric shape you can try, abstract shapes. Similar to its name, abstract geometric design takes inspiration from geometry but makes it more playful. As you can see, the shapes have a non-representational, curvy, and imaginative look. Other than that, most abstract geometric design hires colorful colors, asymmetry, and geometric abstraction to create an anti-boring design with a fresh look.

Memphis Geometric

Bright Geometric Memphis Illustration Set with Purple Blue Pink and Yellow colors

Next, let’s talk about Memphis geometric. Basically, Memphis is a postmodern style that emerged in the 1980s. The design likely plays with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and some geometric shapes. Along with that, it highlights the asymmetry and unconventional compositions that make the design more playful and hippie. In addition, this rejects traditional design norms, creating a sense of rebellion without leaving adorable and playful vibes. When you want to create a design for teenagers, this pattern is a perfect choice to represent their cheerful souls.

Brutalist Geometric Design

Brutalist Shape for Geometric Design

In a nutshell, brutalism is an architectural style that points out concrete surfaces and angular shapes. When it is applied in graphic design, brutalism adopts the same principles and of bold and imposing forms. It hires strong lines and repetitive patterns as well as focusing on the function of the shapes. As a result, you will easily find the geometric shapes in different forms. Visual-wised, the designs that adopts this style will have a strong appearance that is perfect for some sporty themes.

Geometric Design in a Wrap

Geometric design is a captivating design with its timeless charm. Its historical significance and far-reaching influence make it a powerful design language. In addition, this design style is versatile as well. Whether for business corporate or playful projects, you can create a fascinating look with this design style.

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