Ready to Captivate Your Audience? Get Inspired by The Beauty of Islamic Font Ideas

March 31, 2023

There are many holidays that all Muslims usually celebrate in a year. From Islamic New Year to Eid Al Adh, you can create a graphic design with Islamic nuances to commemorate those special days whether in social media or in real life. But, how to bring that mood? Islamic font can be the best gateway to elevate your design and liven up the vibes. Thus, you can make exceptional Islamic designs for every celebration.

The Essential of Choosing the Right Islamic Typography

Typography is the art of arranging copy text and letters. The aim of this element is to help the audience to enjoy the design and understand the message while reading the text. Thus, to play with this element, you need to make the text easy to read. Besides providing legibility in the copy text, typography can affect the overall look of the design. The right font styles can draw the audience’s attention, liven up the mood, and create harmony.

When you want to bring Arabic nuances, the Islamic font style can give a magic touch to your overall design look. Along with that, Islamic fonts have special characters in their strokes and dots. They adopt the elegant shapes of Arabic scriptures, but make them more readable for the general audience with the Latin Alphabet. You can easily tell that the design has Islamic vibes from the font styles used. In short, you don’t have to put too much effort to make your design more lively and save your time.

Samir Islamic Font
Source: Envato Elements

Arabian Fairs – Fauxlang Islamic Font

Arabian Fairs - Fauxlang Arabic Font

Arabian Fairs becomes the first Islamic font that we recommend for you. This font is inspired by the Arabic alphabet to build the Islamic vibes in your design. Even so, it is still legible and readable for the general audience. In addition, It has light stokes that make it look more supple and modern. You can use this font to greet the holy Ramadan or celebrate other holidays like Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adh. Along with that, you can also apply this font style to promote your business, wedding invitation, and others.

Sabana – Arabic Style

Sabana Arabic Font

This one is another Arabic font style that you can use to celebrate Islamic holidays. Like Arabian Fairs, Sabana also has unique strokes and dots that can strengthen the warm nuance of Islam. Although you cannot read Arabic letters, we grant you can still read the text with this font. Because each character in this set has firm and supple shapes in the Latin alphabet. Greet the joy of Ramadan with this beautiful and unique font set!

The Quraisy – Modern Islamic Font Style

The Quraisy - Modern Islamic Font Style

Different from the other two above, The Quraisy has more simple shapes without much decoration. This typeface has bold and firm strokes that make it look clean and minimalist. This is a perfect choice if you want to make a design with a more modern look yet doesn’t leave the vibes of Islam. As a result, you can create numerous designs for your Ramadan project or other promotions for your business.

Kasem – Cute and Playful Islamic Font

The Quraisy - Modern Islamic Font Style

Are you looking for an Islamic font style that radiates cute and playful energy? Well, yeah Kasem can be the best option for you then. This font style has adorable characters inspired by the Arabic alphabet. Some fonts adopt the original shapes of Hijaiyah letters like ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘e’, ‘u’, and ‘o’. You can use this font set to make a complete design for children. Let’s hype the holy Ramadan with this cheerful font!

Rabiul Arabic Style Typeface

One more Islamic font set that is ready to hype your Ramadan project, Rabiul. This font has casual Arabian vibes with a little touch of hand-drawn style. The strokes are pretty bold which is perfect to apply for any design purpose. Aside, it has a romantic feeling carried by the fonts that you can also use for wedding invitations for example. In short, you can also use this set for personal use or promoting your business. Make your design look even more impressive with this beautiful font set!


Today, it is not a difficult thing to create a graphic design with a bold Islamic nuance since the world has embraced cultural diversity. With the use of Islamic fonts, you can liven up the charm of a certain culture, from traditional to modern. Moreover, it won’t limit your expression. You can consider using the beauty of Islamic font style for any graphic design purposes.

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