How to Build Marketing Strategy Presentation

July 27, 2022

The half of the year has passed. The second half year is another challenge to face. It is time for you to arrange a new strategy for marketing your product or services. Hence, a proper and understandable marketing strategy presentation is needed to make it easy to follow. Not only about the content, but the way you present and deliver it is matter, too.

The purpose of this presentation is to create an outline and guideline for all marketing activities, so there are several components you should include in it. These components are what make the strategy keep in line with the marketing objectives and aligned with the company goals. Since it is a long-term plan, making sure that you already create the best marketing strategy plan is undoubtfully needed.

Components to Include in Your Marketing Strategy Presentation

For those who already have experience making this presentation, you will have no trouble putting together a similar presentation material. But, if it is your first time, getting some advice or recommendations won’t be enough. If you stuff all the information in one go, it only will ruin your presentation. It is time for you to learn four components to include in the strategy presentation.

Brand Overview

To create a new marketing strategy, you must first reflect on the performance of the business that has been running so far. Is it going well? Or is it facing obstacles? So, what to do to fix it? You can summarize this brand overview by applying SWOT analysis. Next, you can redefine what set your brand apart from others (strength), what shortage to overcome (weakness), and prepare for any possibility (threats and opportunities).

Hexion, Blue Minimal Chart Business Presentation

After doing a SWOT analysis, you can redefine the goals and objectives you want to achieve. You have to determine your goals for long-term achievement. While the objective sets for short-term achievement. Remember, when you set the goals and objectives, they must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

Target Market/Audience

Selling products or services to anyone may bring you profits. However, the sales result will not be a maximum profit if you haven’t identified your target market or audience. By setting a target, your strategy can be more focused, and the results will be maximized. Some brands may not need to include a target market in their marketing strategy. It usually applies to a company that produces universally used products. Since most brands have different targets, market segmentation is needed.

Gracie, Calm White Simple Social Media Strategy PowerPoint Template

Demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral are the primary market segmentation. To collect these data, you must do market research using various methods available. The most conventional way is by interviewing the target. The most practical method is using the analytic app or other online means that can gather quicker research results. This result will help you create the most ideal strategy to approach your target market or audience.

Competitor Analysis

Whatever business you run, there must be competitors, whether a little or a lot. Knowing and learning about your competitors is part of preparing how to face the potential threats ahead. At the same time, it will also be easier to identify the potential opportunities to create more advantages. Analyzing your competitors is not much different from analyzing your target market. Only the focus of analysis is different.

Hexion, Blue Minimal Chart Business Presentation

As analysis materials, you can compare revenue, the number of clients or employees, brand rate, customer satisfaction, website, social media presence, and even past milestones. Use those points as the marketing strategy benchmark and measure how far your business has grown. It also helps you see clearly where your brand sits in the market and keeps you looking far ahead to grow the company from within and without.

Marketing Plan

Knowing the three components above will lead you to make the marketing plan. A marketing plan must be included in the marketing strategy presentation since it applies to the practical strategy. The components include the activity plan, content creation, and measurement for the campaigns. Many things you need to consider when working on this component, like choosing tools, media, ideas, and campaign form.

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In modern marketing strategy, content creation becomes a crucial part of marketing success. Simply put, this is how modern marketing works. Therefore, great content can increase the target audience’s trust and loyalty to your brand. Besides, it also shows how knowledgeable you are by giving them what they need and search for. Blogs, infographics, videos, guides/tutorials, and podcasts are the most common content you can find and create to improve your brand presence.

The last part in marketing plan is measurement. Remember, every marketing strategy you make should be measurable to know the result, and your marketing effort pays off. Measuring tools adapted to the type of marketing campaign applied. Rate, click number, traffic, follower number, and customer number are several benchmarks in measuring marketing success.

The Best Presentation Design for Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy presentation loads a lot of information. To make it easy to understand and follow, compact packaging is required. To meet that standard, you can include these points.

  • Bullet Points. Placing information into bullet points will let it easy to deliver the information while you explain. Look at what Gracie shows you. There is no long sentence, only the important points provide.
Gracie, Calm White Simple Social Media Strategy PowerPoint Template
  • Infographic. Various infographics can help you show many marketing strategy points, like a business plan, marketing process, target audience, competitor analysis, and more. Place them properly so that your presentation does not look full and crowded. You can follow how Maxie applies this concept to its design.
Maxie, Smoky White Simple Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Template
  • Chart. Charts can simplify information, especially that involves numbers like sales comparisons or sales reports. Slides from Zeiro show how well charts can fit your marketing strategy presentation.
Zeiro, White Burgundy Professional Infographic Statistic Presentation

Are You Ready to Create Your Marketing Strategy Presentation?

In practice, these components can develop into more or fewer points depending on the need. For the grand strategy, you have to include all of them with detailed information. For a more simple strategy, some people omit the component into one or two points. In the end, every change will affect the presentation design you will apply.

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