Make Your Instagram Story More Engaging with These Ideas! Try is a Must!

August 9, 2023

For the past few years, we can see how many new social media come and gone that steal the spotlight. Even so, Instagram still shows its popularity and has become users’ first pick. With more than 2 billion active users, the Instagram story becomes one of the most favored features to connect will all followers that don’t need much effort. No wonder it can be the best option to boost your engagement and get closer to your audience. With all the great opportunities you can grab, you may need more Instagram story content ideas to cope with.

What is Social Media Engagement? Does It Worth to Fight for?

Engagement is the key to success since it measures the quality of your content and builds your brand presence. When it comes to Instagram, capturing the audience’s attention is the way to build a brand presence. It’s all about how much your audience loves the topics you bring and how they want to interact with you. Whether liking, sharing, or commenting, the higher engagement you earn, the more interesting your content is.

Other than that, engagement has some superpowers that move people. It helps you to build relationships that don’t leave your audience to become spectators only. Otherwise, it opens up two-way communication that lets them share their thoughts and give feedback. Along with that, it also makes your account visible, letting other people see the existence of your account—even the strangest one. As a result, when people give positive feedback, it can build public trust and the brand’s credibility. Making you collect as many followers as possible.

How Instagram Story Boosts the Engagement Rate?

Since the first day released in 2016, the Instagram story has caught users’ attention. Only in a short time, it becomes a big boom and has successfully gained more than 500 million people to keep using this feature. In a nutshell, most Instagram stories run authentically in the real-time moment. This one makes people can peak a glimpse of the users’ daily life. In addition, with its 24-hour lifespan, it creates a sense of urgency that triggers people to avoid missing out. Moreover, it is placed at the top of the users’ feeds and pops up attractively which grabs people’s attention instantly once they open the apps. In addition,

Other than that, Instagram Story also provides numerous interactive features like polls, question stickers, quizzes, and many more. These features increase the chance of the followers to directly interact with the user in a fun way. They also can share their opinion, and feeling, and start chatting since it opens a direct message link. It does not stop right there, the Instagram story also lets people tag each other, inviting others to get participated and hype the content.

Instagram Story Content Ideas to Boost Your Engagement Like a Rocket

We are not gonna lie that sometimes creating engaging content is not an easy task. There are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to make your audience interested. Whether the topics or the stickers, you have to consider what type of content gets your audience’s nerves. Here is the list of Instagram story ideas you can try to pitch attention to.

Run a Poll for ‘This or That’ Content

This is one of the most popular Instagram story stickers that you can try to tease your audience. You can run a poll or try to find the topics that your audience likes to compare. Make it fair without leaving one-sided preference. So your audience can enjoy the game. For example, you can try to seek the most popular or common topic like a skincare routine, drink, food, or movie. All you need is just ensure that the topics still stick to your brand image.

Get Closer with ‘Ask Me Anything’ Sticker

When you want to make an interactive connection, this sticker must be on your must-to-try list. Ask Me Anything sticker has been so popular since the day 1 Instagram launched this sticker. Inspired by, this sticker lets the audience ask any question or challenge you to do something. In return, you can pick the most interesting question and answer a picture or video. Be modest! Besides encouraging your audience to ask something about you, you can drop questions like asking for their opinion or recommendation to make it become two-way communication.

Rate their Mood with Emoji Slider Sticker

Need more ideas? Well, probably emoji slider is another Instagram story sticker that you need to try. How to play with this sticker? You just need to write down the context with multiple options, then let your audience slide the emoji right to the option that they relate to the most. For example, you can ask how their day is, from the bad one to the best one. Then, they just need to slide the emoji. One tip, make sure that the context you provide is relatable to your audience. This one can trigger your audience to follow your instruction. One more, don’t forget to make it as fun as possible with adorable designs that attract their attention.

Make a Fun Quiz with Quizzes Sticker

This one is another fun sticker that you can try to increase your engagement. You can test your audience with some easy-peasy questions but still challenging. Forget not to provide multiple options that they can choose from. One more, since this sticker is not polling like the others, you have to pick one correct answer as the answer key. One—extra—more, this content idea can be an option as a bridging if you want to release something. Or maybe become an interactive direct giveaway time.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the Instagram story is the best escapement when you want to boost engagement. With various features provided there, you can create multiple engaging contents that tease your audience. Make it fun, make it interactive! Remember, the aim of creating engaging content is to make your audience want to interact with you. Ensure that your content is fun, enjoyable, and also relatable. So, are you ready to create your fun Instagram story?

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