5 Simple Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

February 13, 2023

What a wonderful being woman. They are can work and do the housework all at once. They have their voice to speak out for their rights and stand out for themselves. In addition, they can play numerous roles that make them even more awesome. No wonder that every year, globally people celebrate International Women’s Day to appreciate them. But, do you know the purpose of celebrating this day? What can we do to show our support on that day? This article will bring you to dive into all of them.

International Women’s Day at a Glance

United Nations (UN) has stated that International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 globally. Every year, people celebrate this day to promote gender equality and women’s rights. Other than that, it also supports the campaign against violence and abuse against women. In short, everyone expects that this group will have a better life and chance through this celebration.

A Brief History of International Women’s Day

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There were many controversies following the origin of this special day. Many believe that the origin was 1857. There was a protest led by the garment female workers in New York City. They contributed against inhumane working conditions and low wages. The police attacked and forced the workers to put down the protest but they continued their movement. A history marked it as the first women’s labor union.

On 25 March 1911, there was an outbreak of conflict of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire that set another remarkable day for women. Due to the incident, there were 146 young female workers found died, most of whom were immigrants from Europe. It made a socialist German suggest a special holiday to commemorate the garment workers in the US. Now, that special day was well-known as International Women’s Day.

It’s Time to Celebrate the Special Day of Women

There are many ways to show our support and celebrate this special day. Starting from the simple things in our daily life to making impeccable actions. However, if you don’t have any idea to show your support, you may try the things we mention below.

Send a Simple Thank You with a Special Greeting Card Design

Sometimes, we think too far when it comes to appreciating something. Whereas, we can show appreciation through the words ‘thank you’. It might be simple, but it can leave a deep impression on those who accept it. Simply say thank you to all women in your life for all their work and existence. You can tell them directly or send a greeting card to make it more memorable.

Use those ready-to-use women’s day greeting card templates to send your sincerity. In addition, you can put some nice words related to the things they have done or contributed, and your wish for them. Those two templates have sufficient designs and illustrations that can amuse everyone. The illustrations are well-drawn with supple sketches making it look more artsy and powerful at the same time. Moreover, they provide you with a group of women from various cultures. This makes them not only promote women’s day, but also the beauty in diversity.

For another option, you can also apply this Beige Minimalist Women’s Day Illustration Card using your compatible account on Canva. This template has a simple and minimalist design with women’s illustrations. It looks more elegant and feminine with a beautiful combination of typeface and color palette. It is a perfect card to show your appreciation for all the female friends you have.

Involve Women as Equal to Men

Gender equality is one of the most classic issues that put women in a difficult situation. For years, they always put last after men. Moreover, the patriarchal system adopted by many countries and cultures makes it even worse for women. They are forced to lower their head and only listen to men. There is no space for women to speak out their voices to fight for their rights. However, to support this special day, you can make a little movement to show your support.

Start it by involving women in a discussion and considering their opinion. Along with that, you can give equal chances to women and men. At the end of the day, you have shown your support to erase the gender gap. In advance, you can promote your support through special graphic designs using illustrations from this International Women’s Day Illustration Collection. These collections allow you to have numerous women’s image collections that you can use for your design. You can make posters, banners, Instagram feeds and stories, and even presentations.

Hype #EmbraceEquity Campaign on Social Media

Besides giving equal chances to women, you can also show your support on social media. This year, IDW has announced #EmbraceEquity as the theme to celebrate 2023 International Women’s Day. This campaign carries the belief and value of seeking inclusion and positive element of life. Whereas, the purpose of this campaign is to challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, drawing attention to bias. Thus, you can pull out the thread the meaning of #EmbraceEquity by yourselves.

To show your support, you can hype this hashtag on social media and share your ideas about #EmbraceEquity. Use this Happy International Women’s Day Instagram Post on Canva to make an instant graphic design for your Instagram. The first template has a simple yet beautiful layout with a photo frame of a woman. You can add your female friend’s photo to make it more special.

Wanna have something more dramatic? You can use the second template that we have recommended to show your support. This template has a simple yet dramatic nuance that looks so attractive. The design is simple with a portrait of a free woman and the twilight sky behind. Along with that, the composition of the typeface makes it more beautiful. You can instantly create an aesthetic post for your Instagram feed. One more, don’t forget to put #EmbraceEquity campaign on your post as well.

You can also try the templates above to share the positive vibes as well as your support. The designs look feminine yet strong at the same time. It has a beautiful color combination that put soft pink, baby blue, and navy in one palette. Besides, these templates already have nice copy content that can inspire others.

Make Special Events for More Real Actions

Women always have the power to make a change. It’s not a secret anymore that there are many donations led by women. So, on this special day, you can make a difference by taking a role to make charity for the environment, society, or education. Furthermore, you can also become a volunteer to help others. For example, you can make a breast cancer charity and hold a seminar at once. Or you make a green movement also can make a significant difference for the environment.

Make International Women’s Day Special Sale Promotions

On this special day, you can make a special promotion to hype this celebration as well. Moreover, it can be even more special if your products are for women. You can hold a special event, give discounts, or share gift cards. It will be memorable for all of your female customers. In turn, it also can create a positive image for your brand. Furthermore, it might increase your sales.

Use the following template recommendations from us to promote your promotion. The first template has a bright image with some pink elements all over the layout. The typeface is well-arranged with a perfect visual hierarchy. Moreover, there is a CTA button that can bring your customer directly to shop on your website. Not so that contrasting with the first template, the second one also has a simple and captivating layout. It has clear promotional content in the center, including the CTA button. It looks even more fascinating with a unique typeface combination.

Those are some examples to celebrate International Women’s Day. So, what will you do to make this day even more special? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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