Introducing People? Learn the Tips to Create an Effective and Engaging Biography Presentation

August 31, 2022

Some may think that biography is only meant for people who have names. But wait, are you sure you won’t need this kind of presentation? Many people need a biography presentation for their introduction, like a speaker in a seminar or webinar. Even in university or school, the teacher or professor sometimes gives the assignment to create one.

Creating that presentation is not as hard as you think. As long you know the basics of what to include, the biography you arrange will be presentable enough. Although you may find there’s not interesting enough information to share, presenting a professional bio will contribute to your personal branding.

The Function of Biography

The general function of a biography is to introduce a figure to the audience. Thus, it can be a source of history, information & inspiration, also contemplation. People will learn more from the people you introduce in the biography and take some knowledge and lesson to be like the figure or even better.

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Key Elements in Creating Biography Presentation

Knowing what to include in the biography presentation is the first thing you have to think about, whether for yourself or others. You can use other biography presentations as references. You also can consider including these key elements. These key elements will make the presentation easy to understand and can directly apply to your own.

Basic Facts

Long or short, a biography you create to present to the audience should include the basic facts of the person you will introduce. If you create a short version, you only need to provide these facts without in-depth exploration. Meanwhile, for an extensive version, you can develop these basic facts in more depth.

These basic facts include date and place of birth, residence location, educational background, professional experience, area of expertise, and major achievements. You can divide this information into several slides to make it more attractive and easier to understand. It allows you and your audience to engage and grasp the information better. You don’t even need to include all the basic facts for some cases. Learn the purpose you create and present that biography, then you will know what to include.

Expand the Information

When you already have the basic information, it’s time for you to expand them based on your needs. Though you enjoy developing it, don’t make it too much let alone too long. It will only cause your audience to be bored, even before starting the main event. Pick some points and save the rest that you think are not too crucial to tell for another occasion.

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Birth and childhood, adult life, interesting facts, quote, photograph, also death are several points that are usually expanded. Birth and childhood provide the historical context of the person you introduce. In adult life, you can focus on some achievements and significant events that affect that person’s life.

To know the person better, you can also include several interesting facts. Presenting these fun facts even can lift the mood. While in the quote part, you can include some words that describe the person or are often used by the figure. And of course, do not forget to include the photograph. The last point is death which you can include if the subject of your biography is deceased.

Consider the Audience

In determining the composition of the biography, you to consider the audience. Most biography presentations already have a clear target audience. By knowing this fact, you can pick the relevant and interesting information about the person you will introduce. Focus your presentation on those areas and dig deeper.

Take a look at these examples.

When you have to introduce a new employee at your office, where the audience is other employees, you can focus the presentation on the career progress and achievements. That information can be a positive motivation and encouragement for other employees to gain achievements like those obtained by the employee. Especially, if the new employee introduced occupies a higher position.

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There is also an occasion you introduce a speaker in a seminar or webinar. Experience in the field of expertise is something you can explore in the presentations you make. If you choose the right points, this information can even pique the audience’s curiosity about the speaker.

Whereas if you are a student who is asked to make a biography of a certain character with an audience is other students, you can adjust the focus of the content based on the theme being studied. In this kind of biography presentation, you have more freedom to explore every part of the life of the person you introduce to your audience.

Choose the Focus

Learn from the examples above, you can determine your focus on the presentation. Divide the story based on the level of importance. For the less important, one to two slides will be enough to cover the information. While for more important, you can spend more effort and use more slides to cover. You can use time more effectively without boring the audience. This rule applies to your personal biography that you write in third person POV.

Tips to Create a Professional Biography Presentation

To make your biography presentation effective and engaging, follow these tips.

Keep it brief. Make sure to only include the key points in the presentation. You only have a limited time to capture the audience’s attention, and only the first seconds leave an impression.

Do not self-edit. Asking other people to check your presentation draft can prevent you from self-satisfaction and error. However, you still have the authority to determine the biographical content to present.

Be serious, but keep it friendly. Seriousness shows professionalism, but friendly statements make your presentation engaging.

Create Your Perfect Biography Presentation Now

Learning the key elements for a biography presentation can help you create an engaging yet still professional presentation. To wrap things up to be perfect, choosing and applying the right design will elevate your presentation value of engagement.