Minimalist Color Ideas, How To Make Your Brand Stand Out Using Minimalist

June 9, 2023

In capturing people’s attention, bright, bold colors do the trick the most. However, this choice is not always the best approach when choosing your visual identity. Many prefer to pick minimalist colors. Minimalist colors make it easier to be consistent through your marketing materials. Besides, they also give off a high-end feeling. You or your brand will not be considered, looked at, or felt cheap. That is why, many still seek minimalist color ideas to apply.

The Concept of Minimalist Color Preference

The basic concept of minimalist color schemes is neutral and light colors. Even so, it is not limited to white shades. Minimalist designs commonly use gray, taupe, brown (wood), and black. However, the key to making a minimalist color combination itself is to keep the color palette mostly monochromatic. You can make a slight variation to keep it attractive by utilizing the shade and hue.

Minimalist Color Ideas for Your Brand Identity

People may think that using minimalist colors will hardly stand out. However, whatever color identity you use still requires a lot of time and effort to establish your visual identity. The fact that many big brands have chosen the minimalist path is clear evidence that minimalist colors have their place in branding. Here are some minimalist color ideas with attributes you can consider to establish your own identity.

Earth Neutrals

The most basic and frequently used minimalist color is earth neutrals. In other words, this color palette is a safe choice. The colors’ honest, inviting, and warm vibe can be one of the reasons. However, this color scheme is too common. So, you have to make extra efforts to stand out from others.

Terra Cotta

If you like earth neutral but want deeper colors, terra cotta minimalist color ideas can be your choice. Compared to the neutral colors, this color scheme has a more passionate, energetic, and inspired atmosphere. Being minimalist doesn’t limit yourself to showing how enthusiastic you are.

Green Sage

Green is often considered the most relaxing color for human eyes. It will be a wise choice for your brand with the same message as the green offer to choose it. We offer you a sage color scheme for the best minimalist color concept. Besides relaxing, this color also generates a harmonious feeling and inspires people.

Blue Ocean

When you run a business, you must be able to cultivate customer trust in your brand. Blue is considered a trustworthy color. Many companies use it to be their brand color. It can generate customer trust in your brand. Blue also has a calm and passionate feeling, like this minimalist color idea comes from the ocean.

Classy Black & White

The combination of light and dark is a great minimalist color combination, like black and white. It will stand out more if you maximize the black-white color with shades. This combo can create a modern and professional look for your brand. Combining black with other colors can create a different look. Some even can have a huge impact and give a big statement, depending on the accent color you put on it.

Sweet Honey Lemon Tea

Conveying positive vibes can never go wrong when you use yellow. When you don’t know what yellow is best for your brand, this sweet honey lemon tea color palette might help you. It has a bold and soft color combination. The overall palette brings positivity, warmth, and comfort. Using this palette also can convey the message of maturity, dependability, and at the same time, homey and natural.

How to Maximize The Look of Minimalist Color Ideas You Pick on Design

Applying minimalist color ideas, whichever it is, can be so tricky. When you can’t play it right, the whole concept can be a big failure. To avoid the worst-case scenario on your branding, you can try to follow the tips below.

Keep It Simple

The whole minimalist concept stands by many factors. The color itself cannot keep it whole. Your design will be minimalist when you keep everything simple. Do not overuse design elements. No matter how minimal the color you use, if you excessively use other design elements, it will eliminate the impression of minimalism itself.

Be Careful with Typography Choice

To have an effective minimalist design and complement your color choice, you have to be careful in choosing fonts. The best font for a minimalist is a clean and readable typography, like San serif fonts. However, you should also limit it to one or two types of typography. If you want to get hierarchical variations, you can use fonts from the same family.

Introduce One Vibrant Accent

Being minimalist doesn’t limit you from using other elements. Your brand can be eye-catching only by using one vibrant accent on your minimalist color. This one striking accent can be the element that will make your brand easier for people to recognize and remember.

Be Balanced

In designing any style, you always have to be concerned about balance. However, in a minimalist concept, balance becomes a significant thing. The minimalist concept requires balance to create a harmony that doesn’t burden anyone who sees it. To get this balance, you can provide enough white space, reduce the density of the design content, and so on. These differences will be recognized, especially in presentations.

Do Not Hesitate to Incorporate Imagery

Images are elements that you can use in minimalist designs. Of course, if possible, the images used have tones close to the idea of ​​the color palette you use to show unity. If the image you are using is in the form of an icon, make sure the icon can still be seen clearly. Using the darkest shade can be the option to make it visible.

Simplicity is Key: Using Minimalist Color Ideas for Effective Branding

Minimalist color ideas offer a fresh and elegant approach to branding that can make your business stand out from the rest. With the right combination of colors, typography, textures, and imagery, you can create a powerful and cohesive visual identity that resonates with your audience. Remember, simplicity is the key to a successful minimalist design, so keep it simple, balanced, and visually appealing. By applying these tips and techniques, you can create a minimalist color scheme that reflects your brand’s personality and values and helps you achieve your marketing goals.


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