Modern Design Style; A Key to Crave Credibility

Creating a well-known brand is not a task that we can do for a night only. There are several things that we have to achieve that goal. And presenting a professional and modern visual design can be the key point to increasing people’s trust. Most importantly, it can also leave a remarkable impression that makes the brand even more known. However, do you know what makes the brand visual look modern and professional? How to create a modern design style that can increase brand recognition? Well, in this article, we will unleash the key elements to make your visual design look more professional.

What is Modern Design Style?

We can call a modern design when it has a clean look with minimum decorative element. In turn, it likes using basic shapes and wide white space to make the design seem simpler.

Dinna Nafisa, Peterdraw’s Graphic Designer

The modern design style is also known as late modernism. “This kind of design points out simplicity, minimalism, and functionality,” Dinna added. As a result, this style generates a clean layout with simple lines and bold typography. Whereas, when you want to add a sense of professionalism to your design, you can hire conservative design elements and also formal font styles. Other than that, you can use simple icons and layouts as well to create a rigid and firm look. Thus, you can combine these two concepts in one layout to promote your brand.

The Key Points of Modern Design Style

The modern design style has key points that make it unique. Like other design styles, this one also requires such characteristics in each element to create a chick and stand-out look. Here, we have summarized some points to highlight your modern design style.

Clean and Simple Layout

Simplicity is the key. Unlike playful styles, you need to dim your desire to involve many decorative elements in your work. In turn, you have to pay attention to the design element function. Make sure that there is no crumb left in your design. Thus, you have to ensure that your modern design is clean and simple enough to create a sense of balance and clarity. Give more space for each element so that you can have a wide white space and a clear hierarchy that creates a sophisticated look in your design.

Velix - Alluring White Modern Minimalist Company Profile Presentation with Ivory Maroon Navy Blue Black and White colors

Minimalistic Color Palette

Modern design style mostly is associated with a minimalist look. Thus, all you need is just limited color palette that only works with one or two color shades. You can apply some neutral colors like black, white, and grey. Even so, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play with other cheerful colors like vibrant red, yellow, or blue. Otherwise, you can consider those colors but still limit the color choice to one palette and arrange the layout as neatly as possible.

Xivory – Black Modern Minimalist Company Profile Presentation with White Grey and Black colors
CLEO – Yellow Pine Clean Modern Pitch Deck Presentation with Brown Beige Broken White and Black colors

Basic Shapes for a Firm Modern Design Look

Sometimes, when we think about basic things, it will be boring. But, when it comes to creating a modern design look, basic shapes can be a powerful element to highlight this concept. You can use squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles to create a clean and minimalist composition. Furthermore, it can create a visually balanced and harmonious layout. In other words, the use of these basic elements can also add aesthetic value to your design.

Syrios, the Deep Purple Modern Business Plan Presentation template with Purple Black and White colors
Boreas – Dark Liver Modern Pitch Deck Presentation Canva Template with Dark Liver White and Tosca colors

Simple and Readable Typeface

Basically, the choice of a typeface depends on the project that is handled. However, when we talk about creating a modern design style, the typeface must be simple and readable. It aims to achieve the functional goal of the design itself, which is to deliver the message. In this case, serif and sans serif typefaces can be a perfect choice since they have fewer decorative strokes, making the overall look of the design seem cleaner and simpler.

“Use only one or two different types of font in one design. Whether serif, sans serif, or a combination of both,” Dinna said. Those two typefaces are quite popular when it comes to modern design style. They have a sleek and contemporary look that aligns with this design style. “For example, use serif fonts for the heading and sans serif for the body text to make the text easier to read,” she continued her explanation.

Vacasky, the Clean Modern Tour & Travel Agency Website with White Black and Blue colors
Yellow Pages Minimalist Price List Instagram Canva

High-Quality Imagery with Modern Concept

Besides layout and color palette, photos also play a crucial role in creating an appealing visual. They have the power to deliver the story and catch the attention. When you want to add a sense of modernity, you can work with some photos which have minimalist, technology, or abstract concepts. They can add a sense of creativity and artistic flair to modern design. Other than that, architectural shots, natural, and landscape photography can be other options to create a modern look.

Zoire - MInimalist Marketing Strategy Presentation Template with White Green and Teal Blue colors
ArchiFlex - Modern Architecture Website Landing UI

Final Thought

In conclusion, a modern design style is important to establish brand recognition and crave a credible image for your brand. By following the key elements of modern design style and tips, you can create a modern look for your design. In addition, you can also mesmerize your audience in the first place.

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