‘No-Rule’ Rule for A Playful Design that Makes Your Work Even More Cheerful!

Every design style speaks out each characteristic. When you want to create a design that can represent your cheerful energy, a playful design style can be the best option you can afford. But, have you known what makes the design look playful? What things do you need to pay attention to while creating this design? Well, in this article, we will unleash everything about the design that soars the fun mood.

What is a Playful Design Style?

The playful design style is a design that creates playful vibes on the canvas. There is no exact rule that districts this design style. The keyword is playing freely with the elements as well as the colors. Thus, it is perfect for the younger audience even though it also can be applied to other audiences. Again, there is no restriction that limits the movement of this design style. You can put many forms, including abstract, geometric, animated, and realistic shapes. All you just need to do is express yourself deliberately without any burden.

How to Make a Design Look So Playful, yet Still Aesthetic?

I like when our designers can explore their creativity to describe the word ‘playful’ through the use of the various elements to liven up the bright and cheerful mood, without making the design look so heavy.

Ghina Luqyana, Creative Director of Peterdraw Studio

There are many things that we can do to create a playful look in our design. The most important one is laying in the use of the elements and colors to create a cheerful look. But those two are not the only things to liven up the bright mood. Below, we have summarized a couple of tips you can try while creating your design:

Don’t Hesitate to Play with Various Cute Illustrative Elements

“Playing with the elements is the key,” Ghina said. It is because the ultimate vision of the playful style is to make the design deliver a bright and cheerful energy to the audience. Thus, as a designer, you just need to explore your creativity to play with the elements. Don’t hesitate to put as various as possible elements that you like without. Sometimes, in some cases, the design still looked plain even though there were many elements. It was because the designer only used a few elements without considering the composition that made the design less playful.

In addition, you can try several cute elements like doodle illustrations, fun wordy handwriting stickers, character illustrations, or even cute alphabet stickers. As a tip, choose elements that have irregular shapes and bright colors to bring fun vibes.

Combine Several Bright and Cheerful Colors

Playful design often uses bold and vibrant colors that can stand out in the middle of the crowd. Besides, it can distinguish one element from another. In addition, it can increase the readability of the text within the design. Hot pink, electric blue, lime green, and fuchsia are colors that you can choose to establish a cheerful mood in your design.

This is what we did in our designs to create a group project and classroom activity presentation. We created a cheerful color combination that put vibrant purple, light blue, soft pink, and lime green together for the group project presentation. Meanwhile, for the classroom activity presentation, we also combined bright colors like light green, lavender, yellow, and white. Besides using bright colors, we also used several playful elements with irregular shapes, making the overall look of this design more fun.

Even so, you can also create bright energy with a softer color combination. You can try to put some pastel colors like baby pink, lilac, and soft yellow together. Again, don’t forget to put playful elements as well to make your design still on track.

Use Unique Typography for Your Playful Design

Typography is an essential element of graphic design that can add sense and personality. Thus, in the playful design incorporates unique typography that makes the design look more supple and fun. You can adopt a handwriting typeface to create creative and fun vibes. Furthermore, designers can create a visual language that is distinct and recognizable from the crowd, making the design even more standout.

Break the Layout Rules

Again, the keyword of this design is playing playfully. Thus, don’t worry about using unexpected space and layout, or even breaking the rules. By doing this, you can create designs that are unexpected and memorable, making the design even more noticeable and drawing attention. This is like we did when we try to break the rules while creating testimonial Instagram story designs. We didn’t stick to the conventional rules, where the main content should be put in the center. Instead, when we gave the designer to explore her creativity, the results were exceptionally fascinating.


Applying a playful design style to your graphic designs not only can increase user engagement, but also the creativity of the designers. By applying bright colors, playful elements, unique typography, and breaking the rules, you can liven up the mood instantly. However, you still need to consider the design wise and know when to stop while creating this design style.

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