World Mental Health Day, Template Inspiration to Promote Mental Health Awareness

May 31, 2023

People nowadays are increasingly aware of the importance of mental health. It is thanks to the help of digital media and platforms in disseminating information. It also helped to realize the World Federation for Mental Health program that initiated World Mental Health Day in 1992. Today, we celebrate this annual awareness program every 10 October with various activities related to mental health to educate people worldwide.

Although it seems easier to share information than decades ago, the digital era has its own challenges. One of them is how to make people pay attention to what you share. To celebrate and promote mental health awareness on the upcoming mental health day, you can start looking for inspiration to create a suitable design from now on from this list.

Be Friendly Like This Cute & Cheerful Mental Health Service Instagram Post Template

Sharing information that is quite heavy, such as mental health, must be wise in its delivery. It will be good to convey it in a way that is easy to understand and more acceptable. Use a design that has a relaxed, cheerful, and attractive impression to attract more attention. Look at the template designs below.

The templates use blue and purple as the primary colors to bring cheerfulness and freshness to the post. Stars, flowers, and clouds element further strengthen those vibes. Besides, the use of consistent color and font combinations on each template shows the unity of each post template. This design look gives a friendly impression that is perfect for introducing mental health awareness to the public.

Adapt Your Presentation Design to What You Need for Mental Health Webinar

Hosting webinars or seminars is another way to raise awareness about mental health. Since the target of this activity is usually determined, the design must be adjusted to the target audience. For example, if you are going to hold a webinar for students, a style that tends to be fo

Formal is still acceptable. But of course, you still have to provide a touch that makes the audience focus on your presentation as this Beige Elegant Minimalist Webinar Presentation template presents.

This standard layout was chosen so that the audience can focus more on the presenter. However, the presentation content can still help the audience follow the flow—the combination of turquoise and orange looks very prominent against the beige background color. The font used also tends to be standard. It is because the template doesn’t want to make the audience pay more attention to disturbing elements.

Although presentation designs are tailored to the audience, you can also choose a template design that fits the theme or style you like. If you prefer a less formal style, you might like the design styles offered by this Peach Organic Mental Health Webinar Presentation template. This template is perfect for those who prefer a combination of pastel colors with unique natural elements since it carries a soft organic style.

Use Carousel to Share Mental Health Tips Using the White Green Maintain Mental Health Carousel Instagram

You can improve people’s awareness of mental health by sharing tips. People generally like tips that are easy to follow and apply daily. You can make these tips easier to follow by using the carousel feature on Instagram social media. And, this White Green Maintain Mental Health Carousel Instagram template is a great design inspiration for you to follow.

Each post design provides you with enough space for the main points of the information you share. The combination of calm colors can make anyone who sees it comfortable. Its simple design is a plus value that makes it more attractive with minimalist elements. You can add the number of templates you need by following the existing sequence.

Invite More People to Mental Health Clinic Using Hearty Boozt

Social media is not the only thing that can help you introduce mental health to society. If you run mental health services, you must have a site that can promote your services. By having a professional website, it will be easier for people to trust you. On the website, the hero section has an important role in gaining visitor trust. Therefore, use a hero design that can increase the trust of your prospective clients but is still easy to use.

Hearty Boozt, the soft minimalist counseling & mental health service website hero template, is one of the templates you can consider. Although it has a simple design, it has all the parts a hero should have. It combines images and text on the central part that promotes your clinic. This design also displays the advantages possessed by the clinic. It can convince anyone who visits the website to come and have a consultation. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, the use of soft color combinations shows a friendly and welcoming vibe.

Available in various formats allows anyone to use it easily | Image: Peterdraw Studio

Celebrate World Mental Health Day Positively by Sharing Knowledge and Practical Tips

World Mental Health Day provides an opportunity for us to celebrate the progress made in promoting mental health awareness. It also acknowledges the challenges that still lie ahead. By using various digital platforms and tools, we can share knowledge and practical tips to improve mental health. We also can encourage more people to seek professional help. Let us celebrate this day positively and continue our efforts to support mental health for ourselves and our communities.

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