Beige Monoline Geometric Illustration Set


Working with geometric shapes in your design can be challenging. However, when you know how to be creative with your design works, there will be no limitation in producing something unordinary and out of the box. Thus, you have to know what kind of geometric style you need or want to create to get the right illustration shape. For you who need a geometric shape with no fill and has a monoline style, this Beige Monoline Geometric Illustration Set is the best choice for you. You can use it to create a certificate, presentation, poster, or other designs.

Every shape in this set has a firm and constant line that creates a consistent shape. It has a single color of beige that you can adjust to your needs for the design. All illustration shapes in this set come from basic geometric shapes which are varied using lines with different intensities to create different impressions. You can find circles, squares, triangles, flowers, stars, and other basic shapes to get the tone and style you want. Create the most outstanding design using this illustration set.

Beige Monoline Geometric Illustration Set

If you have questions or inquiries regarding this product, you are always welcome to contact us at any time of your convenience. Likewise, when you find difficulties or issues in editing this illustration set, we are ready to help you any time you need our assistance.

Detail Items:

  • Arch
  • Flower
  • Circle
  • Star
  • Square
  • Half Circle
  • Triangle


  • 20 illustration design
  • 300 dpi
  • RGB colors
  • Well organized layer & properly named
  • Easy to edit Colors and Curve
  • Easy to scalable
  • SVG, AI and EPSv8 file


  • Beige

Suitable for:

  • Certificate
  • Poster
  • Presentation
  • Post
  • Story
  • Invitation
  • Postcard
  • Card
  • Decoration
  • Flyer
  • More

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Dec 22, 2022

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File Size:

16.78 MB

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150 to 200 px



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