Try These Youthful Color Ideas to Liven Up Your Energetic Mood!

When we talk about youthful design, colors play an essential role to liven up a cheerful mood. They can bring energetic and playful vibes that depict the teen’s image. Whether it is for social media, web design, or presentation, you have to make sure that you choose the right colors. But before going there, do you know what colors are for youngsters? How to combine the colors to make them stand out? Well, in this article we will serve you with youthful color ideas that are perfect for your graphic design.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Youthful Colors

Speaking of color ideas, we can’t get rid of color psychology roles. As we have ever explained in the previous article, each color has its meaning that speaks out a different perspective. Thus, to choose the right colors for your youthful design, you need to know what colors match the teen’s personality utmost. For example, red is associated with passion and energy, while yellow represents joy and happiness that brings positive vibes. For the rest color meaning, you may check this article.

Besides, you also need to consider your brand identity. It is important to decide the colors that are not only targeting your audience but also delivering your brand voice. As a tip, make sure that the youthful colors you choose can represent your brand values. Furthermore, don’t forget to think about where the media that your design will sail. Thus, you can choose the perfect colors without leaving your brand messages.

There are many colors that can capture a youthful personality since teenagers like to explore many things. Their exploration also includes trying so many colors to find their true identity. Some colors like pastel hues, neon colors, and vibrant bold can be your first options to create the color palette for your design. Below is a list of youthful color ideas you can use for your reference.

The Play of Pastel Hues

Who doesn’t love pastel colors, especially girls in the teenage era? These color hues are perfect for youthful color choice since they offer a pretty look that pleases the eyes. In addition, pastel colors have a delicate and sweet aesthetic sense. These muted colors completely suit the female audience who has bright and feminine personalities. You can point out some pastel colors like soft pink, baby blue, lilac, mint green, peach, and lavender.

This is like what we do to create some daily planner templates within the youthful themes. Some soft colors like pink, lavender, baby blue, and warm yellow become our choice. The colors go well together sticking to the illustration we choose. Making the overall

Pastel Hues for Youthful Color Palette

Other than the template above, we also try to make other designs with youthful colors like this lovely pink groovy Instagram template. We intentionally make this design for our younger audience. As a result, we put pink, deep blue, white, and yellow in one palette, making this template look adorable. In addition, we also give some illustrations and elements that add a sense of cute and bright appearance.

Create a Youthful Color Palette with Neon Colors

The other color that is lately popular among teenagers is neon. Moreover, with the comeback of the Y2K style, this color group is perfect for coloring your design. It is because neon gives bright and cheerful energy, making a design look even more eye-catchy. Moreover, it also creates a sense of playfulness as well as fun and funky which is ideal for your younger audience. Along with that, neon is mostly associated with modern technology. Making it, even more, related to teens who like to explore many things including new technology.

This is what we do to design material promotion for teenage fashion and portfolio presentations. We use some neon colors like shocking pink, lime green, light blue, and lilac for the material promotion. On the other hand, we use lavender magenta, middle yellow, sea green, and piggy pink for the portfolio presentation. Those colors are chosen to highlight the bright personalities of teenagers. In addition, we also put playful elements in the design to liven up the Y2K vibes.

Neon Color Palette for Youthful Colors

Be Bold, Be Unique with Vibrant Shades

When we talk about playful and energetic personalities, bold and vibrant colors can be the best option to represent teenagers’ moods. This color category is often associated with excitement, passion, creativity, and fearless character. Other than that, they can create an edgy and unique visual impact, making them ideal to steal the spotlight in the middle of the crowd. Moreover, this color choice can target both male and female audiences since it has a strong design character.

This is what we do when we create a brand guideline for an editorial magazine, Sonica, targeting younger audiences. We combine some vibrant colors like orange, yellow, deep blue, and white. All colors get along together nicely creating an appealing look. Aside, this color combo speaks out the edgy and bold character that the company wants to bring. Along with that, illustrations and photos also take important roles to make this design even look stronger.

Vibrant Color Palette for Youthful Colors

Besides Sonica, we also use vibrant colors in Ixora, the bold retro fashion brand presentation. Alike the previous design we talk about, we combine vibrant orange, light green, emerald, dark grey, and white in one palette. These colors can pull out an edgy appearance that suits fearless teenagers the most. Furthermore, the typography chosen makes this design look even bolder and stronger.


In conclusion, the right color combination can give the right soul to a design. When you want to make your youthful design stand out, you need to understand the characters of teenagers first. Don’t hesitate to play with colors to find the best youthful color combo for your design. However, you still need to stick to the right color scheme to make the overall look more impeccable.

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